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UNIVERSKIN: Bespoke Skincare

Universkin is a bespoke skincare brand that offers tailored products (produced in front of you) to suit your own needs, which are determined by having a facial digital scan. I had a consultation at Dr Rita Rakus' clinic in Knightsbridge, just a stone's throw away from Harrod's. 
I personally believe that skin should be thoroughly looked after, and whilst I don't have a problem with make up- I really don't want to rely on it every single day. And with people leading busier lives nowadays, I'm sure a lot of women feel the same. So this is why I feel UNIVERSKIN has a key place in the current market. 

It was really interesting to see the results of my facial scan, and learning about my skin in terms of percentages and features was so useful. This is great and not just in the sense that UNIVERSKIN's products can be tailored specifically to your skin, but you also gain an idea of how to develop your own skincare regime in order to help certain conditions- such as pigmentation or fine lines.

SK:N Clinic: Harley Street symposium

A few weeks ago, I attended the launch of SK:N's new flagship clinic on Harley Street where I checked it out and participated in a round-table discussion regarding the private aesthetic industry along with Dr Daron Seukeren, SK:N's Group Medical Director. It was a really insightful event, and I don't think I've ever walked out of one before that left me feeling so knowledgeable and yet more intrigued about the beauty industry. 

About SKN Clinics
There are 46 clinics located nationwide, and all offer a wide range of services from laser hair removal and microdermabrasion, to mole removal and acne scar treatment. SK:N Clinics have treated over 2 million clients in the past 25 years, and it's the most recommended clinic by GPs. Additionally, each clinic is run by a medical director in order to manage medical standards so it's safe to say that you'll be in pretty good hands.

I also discovered that most clinics are open until around 8pm, so you can book in for a consultation or appointment after work if this is more convenient. I spoke to the manager of the Harley Street clinic, and was told that the evening slots do tend to get booked up quickly, so be sure to book in advance. It's also very easy to arrange a consultation as you can fill in a form on their website so someone can call you back.

I was particularly interested in the laser hair removal treatments they offer as I was told that it helped so many women with their confidence and only after a few treatments. I was also intrigued to hear how SK:N have treated a large number of women with PCOS, which includes excess body hair as a symptom. It's a common condition that affects many women. It's also very affordable when you consider it in the long term as you don't have to spend money on regular shaving or waxing. Currently, SK:N offering 30% off selected areas:
Round-table discussions
Leave it to the professionals 
- For aesthetic treatments, it's best to conduct your own research before making a decision and make sure that it's undertaken at a medically regulated clinic rather than a beauty salon. At the round-table discussion, we talked about how so many individuals went to SK:N to treat burns and injuries caused by the negligence of non-qualified therapists elsewhere. For example, acne not treated properly can cause scarring, and laser hair removal conducted without care may cause severe burns that will require further treatment. I know this to be true as my friend was burnt on her thigh due to the negligence of a level 3 therapist during a laser hair removal treatment.

Dr Daron even told us about how a woman opened up her own clinic offering laser treatments, purely on the basis that she'd been working at an aesthetic clinic for 15 years- as a receptionist! It's a real shame that the aesthetic beauty industry isn't as regulated as it should be, and Dr Daron was incredibly passionate about this need which allowed me to put a lot of faith in SK:N as a brand.
NHS cuts and its impact on the private aesthetic beauty industry 
The recent government cuts to NHS funding have led to individuals turning to the private sector for treatment. We talked about how the NHS is currently under pressure and faces many dilemmas of whether certain conditions are classified as either aesthetic or medical, and so treatment would be in doubt. This is quite interesting as severe acne would normally be considered as a medical condition and may be funded by the NHS, but this isn't the case for acne scarring.

Aesthetic treatments and its rising popularity 
This topic was only touched upon briefly during the discussion, but it intrigued me a lot. More and more individuals are becoming more interested in aesthetic treatments and dermatology, particularly as so many are now more accessible, non-or minimally invasive, and thus the stigma surrounding treatments (and Harley Street's reputation with regard to plastic surgery) is slowly disappearing. As a result, this means that the industry has to keep up with new demands and invest in new technologies that offer quick treatments with great results and minimum downtime. Dr Daron mentioned that nowadays people lead much busier lives and that minimum downtime is of paramount importance when it comes to treatment.

Here is the link to the clinic's website, if you wanted to check it out: 


Icon stretch mark treatment: a second update

My stretch marks have improved dramatically since undergoing Icon treatments. Even my 8 year old sister noticed a difference, and she doesn't even know that I've been having treatments! So I know for sure, that they've worked. I've had one more treatment since my last update (see post here). 
Before starting the treatments, I could always feel the 'engraving' texture of my stretch marks on my stomach whereas I can't feel them at all now. They're also a lot less visible and much more blended into my skin. 

The ones on my stomach have improved a lot more compared to the ones on my back, but Jenna assured me that this is most likely due to the fact that the back's skin tissue tends to be a lot more thick and stubborn, so there's a lower chance of the laser actually getting through the layers. 


SculpSure | Consultation and First Treatment

SculpSure (by Cynosure) is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that is designed to get rid of stubborn areas of fat, e.g. flanks and thighs. I go to the gym quite regularly (I go 3-4 times a week and do spinning, Zumba, body conditioning, and body pump), but I find that the weight primarily disappears from my thighs, arms, and waist. My stomach and flanks have always been really stubborn areas with regard to fat.

I've regularly considered fat removal treatments and liposuction, but the side effects always scared me out of it when I became deep in the research stages. So as a non-invasive treatment, SculpSure was something that I just had to give a go of.

What SculpSure does is transport heat to the fat cells and disrupts them. Then, the body eliminates the fat through waste disposal (i.e. urine) between 4-12 weeks after treatment.  According to Cynosure, the treatment can result in up to 24% of fat reduction within a 12-week period, and the fat will never return once it's gone. Having said that, SculpSure does not affect body weight; it does not budge the number on the scales, but instead sculpts the area that is treated. It takes only 25 minutes to complete a treatment and there is no downtime.


Icon stretch mark treatment: an update

A few months ago, I wrote about my initial appointment for the Icon Stretch Mark Treatment at the PHI Clinic on Harley Street and expressed that I had already seen a slight difference in the reduction of the stretch marks on my stomach and hips (See post here). Since then, I've had two more treatments and some photos taken- and I'm so pleased to report that there has been some very significant progress. 

Treatment 2: 
Prior to the treatment, Jenna used a numbing cream on the area (particularly as I found the treatment to be slightly painful on my hips). I personally don't think the numbing cream made much difference but maybe this was because my period was due that week and so I was little more sensitive. 

During this session, Jenna concentrated on treating my upper stomach as this area is where the stretch marks are a bit more visible (usually they tend to exist on the lower stomach). I asked her if there is a specific reason as to why this is, and she said that it's just the way that my body reacted to change during puberty and weight gain/loss. She stressed that everyone's body is different, and that stretch marks can appear anywhere. 


Icon Stretch Mark Treatment: Consultation and First Treatment

I've had stretch marks on my stomach and hips for years and they've had a huge impact on my life- especially after becoming a gym addict and losing weight. After trying everything from Vitamin and collagen supplements to expensive oils that claim to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, I was seriously starting to lose hope. Until I was given the opportunity to try out a laser treatment by Icon. 

Icon is a non-ablative laser treatment than can be used for scars, hair removal, and stretch marks without much pain. It causes trauma within the skin which makes the skin heal itself, allowing the skin to re-surface and balance out the skin tone. My stretch marks are moderate, white in colour, and slightly raised. So a laser treatment is the best option to try and reduce them.

I was booked in at the PHI Clinic on Harley Street for my treatment, which began with a consultation to see if the treatment was right for me and so I could ask any questions I may have. The PHI Clinic was very professional and I'm definitely considering future treatments there.

The treatment room at the PHI Clinic

Zerona Body Treatment launch

A few weeks ago I was invited to Zerona's body contouring treatment launch- non-invasive treatment that claims to reduce fat without pain, side-effects, and having to undergo a recovery period.