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MTV Awards 2011- Celebrity hair

As always, our favourite celebrities dazzled at the MTV Awards this year. Not only did Beyonce announce her long-awaited pregnancy, but the female stars at this year’s awards, also sported the best of the latest hair trends.

Labeled as the trend of the evening, Beyonce sported a simple side ponytail, which really goes with her make-up.
Her choice of wearing a pink/nude lip-gloss shade with minimal eye make-up was a good one, as the simplicity of her look allows her lovely ombre’d hair to be a focal point.

Ombre hair was a hot trend of the summer, but it looks like Beyonce has just continued it into autumn. By putting her ombre’d hair in a side ponytail, not only is Beyonce showing off the colours of her roots and tips without the look being too full-on, but her skin looks incredibly glowing and radiant!

She adds the perfect finishing touch to her simple look- long, shiny silver earrings! The earrings add a touch of glamour to her look, and allow her to amazingly dazzle in front of the press!

Adele showed the world that she had the ‘Wow’ hair factor when she arrived at the MTV Awards sporting a big hairstyle.

The big hairstyle adds a striking touch of femininity to Adele’s chic look, and by adding a few curls- it’s the perfect finishing touch that also shapes her face!

Adele’s long lashes and bold eyeliner goes well with the clear lip-gloss that she is wearing as the colour on her face is balanced out, hence attracting heaps of attention to her big hairstyle. Her simple outfit also helps to grab out attention too!

Kim Kardashian
With lovely long sleek locks like Kim Kardashian, the possibilities of which hairstyle to flourish are endless!

Although Kim goes with a simple hairstyle, she still looks absolutely stunning. Kim’s hair worn down on both sides makes her overall look a lot sexier- it shapes her face, and goes very well with her smokey eye make-up.

Kim’s use of black eyeliner draws attention to her deep brown eyes, which also complements her glossy black hair.

Her long black hair adds a touch of sexiness, glamour, and power to her look.

Kim has always been a person to pull the smokey, sultry look at its best, and she didn’t let us down here!

We’ve seen how our favourite celebs have styled their hair for the awards, how would you have styled your hair? Pop your comments below!