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50 Shades of Autumn: OPI!

Every Monday, I'll be posting a '50 Shades of Autumn' feature which will be about a multi-coloured manicure featuring 5 Autumn coloured nail polishes from a different brand every week. For example, this week features OPI! I'm going to do this for 10 weeks so by that time, I would have featured 50 Autumn nail polishes! So here we go...

OPI has a huge shade availability with a ridiculous amount of colours, so picking out only 5 shades for a multi-coloured Autumn manicure was difficult- as you can probably imagine. 

But I managed to do it! I went for a mixture of metallics and dark shades- perfect for the Autumn season. I accidently picked most of these shades from the Muppets collection, for which all of the shades aren't available on the Lena White website anymore because they completely sold out due to huge popularity! But you can still purchase them from salons or from Ebay if you're lucky!
OPI Nail Lacquers from left to right: Pepe's Purple Passion, Warm & Fozzie, Designer... De Better!, Road House Blues, Wocka Wocka!


Superdrug Christmas Press Show 2012!

I attended Superdrug's Christmas Press Day a few weeks ago to have a sneak peek at some of the upcoming Christmas beauty launches! This is a photo-heavy post so you can see most of the upcoming launches for yourself.

New launches consists of new Studio beauty, Salonworks hair styling gifts, Superdrug bath and shower sets, colour make-up sets by Colour Unlimited, and beauty gifts from brands including Accessorize and GOSH. It was also revealed that Superdrug have also teamed up with Bourjois to launch Beauty Bars (more info on that soon!) 
Studio London