ELEMIS Pro Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment

I began to develop a skincare regime when I was 21 after attending an event with Elizabeth Arden where the key speaker emphasised the importance of 'prevention over cure' when it comes to young skin. This motto really struck me and I've been living by it ever since; I cleanse, tone and moisturise everyday, always wear an SPF (even in the winter), and eye cream/serum is a must. 
As a full-time PhD student, part-time university lecturer and beauty blogger, I'm always limited on spare time so looking after my skin is so important to me. I'm always switching products in order to test them out, but when a product is really good beyond expectation- I will always re-purchase and stick to it. Elemis' Pro Collagen Eye Treatment is one of those products. 

At £46, the product's not cheap. But it works. I've never suffered from dark circles, but when I began by third year of PhD study and started lecturing, I noticed some fine lines had developed underneath my eyes. Clearly this was caused by stress (as you can imagine) and less sleep. Within two weeks, I saw an improvement. Since then, I have gone through 3 bottles of the stuff. 

The serum is so smooth that the product glides over the eyelid and underneath the eyes. It's almost like water so it doesn't even feel like a serum, and isn't at all sticky. Many eye treatments/serums on the market are sticky and remain so when applied over the eyes. This can be incredibly frustrating when applying concealer or eyeshadow as it causes clumping.

Also, some eye treatments irritate the hell out of my eyes. This one thankfully doesn't.

What I would say that is a downside of the product is just in terms of the design of the product. Because of the way the pump is designed, the bottle releases way too much serum than is actually required.

Elemis Pro Collagen Eye Treatment is available nationwide and is priced at £46. 

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