Paco Rabanne Lady Million Lucky

Lady Million Lucky launched last year and is definitely one of my favourite fragrances from that year. Although I love the original, sometimes I do feel that the original Lady Million's a bit too obvious now so I like how Paco Rabanne are still launching more sister scents, and I hope there's another upcoming one this year. 

It reminds me very much of one of the perfumes I purchased in Dubai (which was over 3 times the price!), so that's pretty positive in my opinion! Let's take a look at the fragrance notes.

Top notes: Damescena Rose, Orange Blossom 
Heart notes: Raspberry, Mandarin
Base notes: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Cashmere Wood, Vetiver

Apparently there's also supposed to be a hazelnut note thrown in there, but I can't seem to verify this at the moment. Lady Million Lucky smells luxurious but in a lighter sense- i.e. it's not the intense, overpowering kind (which also means longevity isn't the best). Paco Rabanne doesn't really do 'delicate' scents, so I think Lady Million Lucky will be appreciated by those who aren't a fan of their richer fragrances. Having said that, it's a very interesting scent that's extremely addictive, especially the transition from the fruity heart to the warm, creamy base. 

In comparison to the original Lady Million, Lady Million Lucky is a lot fruitier and more energising.   I can definitely detect the raspberry, cashmere wood and vanilla notes. Personally, I'd consider it to be perfect to wear in the Spring/Summer seasons. 

Paco Rabanne's Lady Million Lucky is priced at £80 for 80ml, and is available to purchase nationwide. 

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