Unity by Mesut Ozil and Mathieu Flamini

As an Arsenal fan, I was thrilled when I spotted an invitation to the launch of Unity- a wellbeing brand by Mesut Ozil and Mathieu Flamini. I wasn't sure of what to expect as the invitation was brief and didn't explain what the product line would consist of. Like others at the launch event, I honestly thought it would be a range of sports or health drinks (it wasn't!). I actually even got to see Ozil and Flamini in the flesh which was an absolutely amazing experience. 
Unity: the brand 
'For people and planet', Unity is a collection of skincare/grooming products, ranging from hydrating lotions to body washes and beard oils. The majority of the range is meant to be unisex but there are obviously products aimed at the male market like the beard oil. 

I also had the opportunity to learn about Ozil and Flamini's reasons behind creating the brand. As an environmentalist, Flamini is very passionate about raising awareness and possible solutions to the problem of climate change. Whereas, Ozil's reasons for having co-founded the brand sits in the desire of being a voice for others in times of diversity and discrimination whilst also wanting to provide a healthier future for the the next generation. Overall, both of them come across to me as very nice, and incredibly ambitious people who really want to bring about positive change in the world- something we can never get enough of.

Natural ingredients 

As a skincare and fragrance enthusiast, it was only natural for me to pop open the lids and check out the scent of some of the products at the launch. I was actually expecting them to be non-scented (not sure why), so to my surprise- I actually widened my eyes upon smelling the fragrance of the products. The scent is incredibly fresh and invigorating without smelling artificial, and this is because Unity refuses to include any parabens or artificial fragrances in their products, as well as mineral oils or plastic microbeads. All product ingredients are 100% natural, and sustainably sourced too. 

Eco-friendly packaging 

The product is just as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside (and I'm not just talking about the simple yet clean/sleek design). 

I was very impressed when the PR told me about the packaging for the range. Get this: the product containers are made from sugar cane. You read that right. Sugar cane is a recyclable bioplastic that help to reduce C02 emissions (normal plastic increases them). 

But, the bottle tops are made from plastic but this is because there is no suitable alternative at the moment. Unity will change this if an alternative is found though. 

I couldn't help but smile when I saw this
photo canvas at the launch 
Why is climate change important to address? 

As a PhD student, I'm constantly reading and learning new things but at the launch, I learnt so much about climate change and the importance of reducing plastic that I kept thinking about it as I travelled home in the evening. 

Here are some facts I learnt: 
       - Climate change displaces up to 10x more people than conflict and war. By 2050, climate change will have displaced 250 million people, impacting the world's poorest populations. 

       - We cannot lift people out of poverty if we do not conserve the environment and the natural resources they rely on, and we can't protect the environment if we do not address their needs. 

It's so lovely to see footballers giving back, and to address the detrimental effects of plastic waste (which has amplified in the past couple of years) is- in my opinion- an excellent choice to make. Especially as it's evident that Ozil and Flamini are extremely passionate about it. 

I also was told that Ozil has visited refugee camps. I've always had respect for him as a footballer but now I love him even more, particularly as he's supporting a global cause that I'm also passionate about. Both Ozil and Flamini have brilliant outreach opportunities, and for them to use it in this way is quite frankly, beautiful. I really believe their brand will be a huge success whilst also bringing about positive, global change. 

To check out the product line, visit Unity's website at: 

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