Giorgio Armani Si Rose Signature

It's very difficult for me to pick a favourite fragrance brand (primarily due to the fact that I own so many fragrances) so I'd have to pick a handful. It's safe to say that Giorgio Armani is most definitely one of them, amongst others including Viktor & Rolf and Tom Ford. 

Si Rose Signature is a re-interpretation of the original Si. The original is absolutely fantastic and has been a staple fragrance of mine ever since its launch in 2013. The luxuriousness and elegance of the sensual fragrance is something that makes it an absolute pleasure to wear. Si Rose Signature is an interpretation of the popular chypre scent. 

As you can perhaps guess by the name, the rose notes remain at the core of Si Rose- May Rose and Turkish Rose (two rose absolutes). It's more floral and much lighter in comparison to the original, making it a better choice to wear in the summer months. In my opinion, Si is strong and can be very overwhelming if too much is sprayed.

Despite this, the original Si still exists in the tones of Si Rose. This is because the top and base notes are the same- only the heart is different as it includes rose absolutes. Top notes include bergamot and mandarin oil, and the base notes consist of patchouli oil and vanilla absolute. 

Also- to my surprise, despite being lighter and fresher, Si Rose lasts quite long. Much longer than I expected it to anyway. I still do prefer the original, but I'll be hanging onto this for when it's a bit warmer outside! 

 Giorgio Armani Si Rose Signature is priced at £73 for 50ml. It's available to purchase nationwide. 


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