Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Miracle Hydrating Mist

I love Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour range; I apply the Skin Protectant on my lips every night without fail, and due to its versatility, I use it on cuts, dry and sunburnt areas, and burns. So obviously, I had high decent expectations of their Miracle Hydrating Mist.

During last week's mini-heatwave, this little bottle saved me! I kept it in the fridge so I could spray my face and cool myself down when I needed to. 

I have combination skin which is very annoying- my chin and the skin around my mouth tend to be rather dry, whilst my t-zone is ridiculously oily. The Miracle Mist helps to reduce the oiliness and shine, as well as gently moisturise the dry areas. I can imagine this being an absolute lifesaver on flights (my skin gets terribly dehydrated when flying), so I'm definitely taking this with me when I go to Dubai in June. 

At £21, it's not the cheapest facial mist. But it's the finest one I've come across in the sense that it's not harsh, sticky, or irritable. I'll never forget one facial spray that I bought in Heathrow Duty Free which was so sticky, that I had to re-wash my face before the flight! 

Thankfully, the Miracle Mist can be sprayed over make-up without ruining it. Also- what I found striking was when my sister was nervous about applying foundation over her skin which was a lot drier than usual one day, and I suggested she sprayed a few sprays of the Miracle Mist. She did, and the foundation applied very well thanks to the quick, moisturising effect of the spray. 

Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Miracle Mist is available to purchase nationwide. 

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