Morgan Taylor Platinum collection

My favourite nail brand, Morgan Taylor have recently launched a new collection of holographic polishes called the 'Platinum collection', and oh my goodness- they are stunning! 
Glow All Out

The collection has six colours; 
- Diamonds in the sky- an ocean blue 
- Disco days- a teal-like green 
- Glow all out- a reddish pink
- Holo Lover- a flirty pink 
- It's Lit- a light purple 
- Liquid bling- sparkling silver 

I have a few favourites from the collection- Diamonds in the Sky, Glow All Out, and It's Lit!. Besides from the colour choice, what I also love about the Platinum collection is that unlike other textured or glitter polishes, these weren't a pain to remove. This is such a big deal when you're constantly busy like me with PhD and work commitments. Also, my experience with holographic polishes hasn't been great as I've personally found them to be more prone to chipping but the Morgan Taylor ones didn't disappoint at all and my nails stayed relatively chip-free for days.

The finish is a lot smoother than I initially expected and is very well pigmented, even with only one coat. Although, some colours have better coverage than the others- for example, Holo Lover is the most pigmented in my opinion whilst I find that It's Lit! requires an extra coat. 

Here are the swatches of the other colours in the collection: 

Disco Days

It's Lit! 
Liquid Bling

Holo Lover
Diamonds in the Sky

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