Carolina Herrera Good Girl

Oh my goodness. It's been ages since a big Carolina Herrera launch, and it's a pretty exciting one. Good Girl is a fragrance that captures the spirit and imagination of a modern, powerful woman, and I was lucky to get my hands on a bottle before its release on February 10th.

The fragrance is captured in the most striking yet elegant midnight-blue high heel glass bottle with a gold stiletto. What's brilliant is that Carolina Herrera has managed to go for a bold bottle concept whilst also keeping it classy. Usually, fragrance bottles that don't follow the norms tend to look a bit tacky, but Good Girl is absolutely stunning. The box is velvet-coated and this emphasises the fact that this is a luxury fragrance. It also retails at £94.50 for 80ml.

A warm, oriental fragrance, Good Girl is the epitome of luxury and femininity. It's such a unique fragrance as the scent is in the form of a juxtaposition; on one hand, it's light and on the other, it's rich and luxurious. Carolina Herrera describes the fragrance like this, and after trying it myself, I can't agree more. The different tones of Good Girl exist to celebrate the complexity of the modern woman who's spontaneous, sensual, mysterious, elegant, and powerful.
The smooth fragrance includes notes of jasmine, cocoa, Tonka, almond, coffee, and tuberose. It's such an alluring fragrance that's seductive and luxurious yet at the same time, soft as it's not at all overpowering. The scent of Good Girl reminds me a lot of what the rich Emirati women in Dubai wore whilst I was on holiday there. 

The bottle is absolutely stunning and the fact that it took me ages to take these photos just right proves it. Because the bottle is so immaculately designed, it's also incredibly delicate. Normally, the fragrances I use are kept outside of their boxes, but there's no doubt that I'll be using Good Girl and also keeping the bottle out of its box.

The nozzle is situated at the top of the bottle, and the perfume itself is very easy to diffuse, considering the bottle's eloquent design. It took over 600 internal tests to create and perfect the mechanical function of it! Now, that's true dedication to create the perfect bottle. And it is indeed, perfect. 
Good Girl launches on 10th Feb nationwide. 


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