Aramis Modern Leather

Aramis is definitely an underrated men's fragrance brand. They launch a new limited edition fragrance every year, and have recently launched one called 'Modern Leather'.

Modern Leather is an elegant, woody fragrance and is a contemporary twist on the original Aramis, with more distinguished notes in order to capture a sense of 'modern' masculinity.

 Fragrance notes: 

Top notes: Basil, Thyme, Elemi 
Heart notes: Geranium, Orange Blossom, Violet Leaves 
Base notes: Leather, Cistus Labdanum, Vetiver

The basil note comes through quite prominently at first, but it's not as strange a scent as I thought it would be. The basil makes the fragrance start off with a distinct peppery twist on the original, although the opening for the original is much stronger than Modern Leather's.

The heart of the scent is floral based but masculine at the same time. The violet and orange blossom are more concentrated as opposed to how it would usually be in a women's fragrance. When the heart develops into the base, that's when the leather comes in and makes the fragrance the refined, masculine fragrance it claims to be.

Modern Leather's the most similar to the original Aramis (which is very popular) compared to the brand's previous fragrance launches. It's definitely a decent interpretation of it, and also a more versatile fragrance and can be worn day or night, and winter or summer.

Aramis Modern Leather is priced at £55 for 60ml or £74 for 110ml, and is available to purchase nationwide. 

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