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Universkin is a bespoke skincare brand that offers tailored products (produced in front of you) to suit your own needs, which are determined by having a facial digital scan. I had a consultation at Dr Rita Rakus' clinic in Knightsbridge, just a stone's throw away from Harrod's. 
I personally believe that skin should be thoroughly looked after, and whilst I don't have a problem with make up- I really don't want to rely on it every single day. And with people leading busier lives nowadays, I'm sure a lot of women feel the same. So this is why I feel UNIVERSKIN has a key place in the current market. 

It was really interesting to see the results of my facial scan, and learning about my skin in terms of percentages and features was so useful. This is great and not just in the sense that UNIVERSKIN's products can be tailored specifically to your skin, but you also gain an idea of how to develop your own skincare regime in order to help certain conditions- such as pigmentation or fine lines.

Here were the results I received from the facial assessment report (the higher the percentage the better it is):

- UV spots: 96% (apparently this is a brilliant result!) 
- Brown areas: 75% 
- Red areas: 91% 
- Pores: 81% 
- Spots: 6% (I didn't address this concern with UNIVERSKIN, but it was useful to know so I could re-work my own skincare routine once I got home) 
- Wrinkles: 23% 
A UNIVERSKIN product being made with personalised ingredients 
I also found out my skin age rating, which was 20. I'm 25 years old, so knowing that my skin was rated as being 5 years younger left me feeling over the moon. I've been putting a lot of effort into my skincare regime over the last few years, and it's clearly paid off well. 

The practitioner suggested that we focus on the fine lines around my eyes as these were more prominent than everything else the scan picked up on. I was then given a product to take away- a  bespoke eye cream that was whizzed up for me right in front of my eyes.

After using the product for 6 weeks, I can definitely see a difference as the fine lines around my eyes has improved, and the surface area is a lot smoother. The cream was only supposed to last for 6 weeks, but there's still some product left over so I think I was a bit stingy when using it! I'm planning on finishing the bottle, and hoping to go back to the clinic soon to get myself another. I might even have a bespoke product made to target pigmentation too.

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