Godiva Gold Icons

No one does chocolate better than Godiva! I love picking up a cone of strawberries from their Regent Street store on my shopping trips. Godiva has recently launched a brand new collection called 'Gold Icons', consisting of a range of unique and exotic flavour luxury chocolates. 

The flavour options are so innovative and mature that I've never tasted any other chocolate like it. Let's take a look at the flavours that are available in the box of 6 (the larger size assortment boxes offer more flavours).

Pecan Praline with Apple 
A luxurious milk chocolate piece with a subtle hint of apple. It has a ganache filling with small pieces of praline and so the slight crunchiness makes it even more of a pleasure to eat. The flavour of the apple is mature and not too sweet. 

Passion and Pink Pepper Ganache 
A weird combination, but a combination that works- the Passion and Pink Pepper Ganache is a lovely piece that's punchy and delicate to the taste. The Pink Pepper infusion certainly adds a kick to this piece. 

Mexico Origin and Ginger Ganache 
I honestly thought I wouldn't like this one as I'm not a fan of ginger, but I was so wrong. The ginger wasn't strong at all, and the chocolate had a warm flavour hint to it. 
Lemon Olive Oil Ganache 
This piece was absolutely gorgeous. A lemon ganache is covered in a coating of lemon chocolate. It's not sweet or sour- like the rest of the Gold Icons collection, it's mature and exquisite with regard to taste. 

Black Tea Ganache 
This was a rich piece of dark chocolate with a creamy ganache filling, infused with black tea. The black tea is a strange but addictive addition and intensifies the overall flavour. 

Madagascan Vanilla Ganache 
This one is definitely my favourite piece of the box but that's because I love vanilla, and why not- it's such a classic flavour. For this piece, a creamy ganache is covered in a dark chocolate shell. The vanilla infusion wasn't overpowering or too sweet; it was flavoursome and mature. 

The collection is available to purchase online at, and from their stores. The smallest box is a box of 6 (£10) and the largest is a box of 25 (£25). 

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