Real Techniques Multi Tech Launch and Set Review

On Thursday, I attended the Real Techniques MultiTech launch in Greek Street to check out the new collection. I'm a huge fan of Real Techniques, and probably own around 150 of their brushes! That may seem like a lot, but they do come in very handy and there's not one brush I haven't used.
The launch party had a playful concept to go with the idea of the collection- the brushes are supposed to allow you to be versatile with make up, with no labels for them so you can use each sized brush however you desire, thus allowing you to play around with make up application and find out what works for you.

I also have to say that the Pixiwoo girls really know how to throw a party. There were multiple make up stations, was a huge playball pit, a painting area (with RT sponges!), and brush decorating stations!

I've been using the brushes for a few days now, and I'm hooked! They're super soft, and very cleverly designed so it picks up the right amount of product. Let's take a closer look at the MultiTech Brush Set...

MultiTech Small Point Makeup Brush Set 
This set is a little more pricey at £29.99 than Real Technique's other sets. The MultiTech set comes with a sturdy metal stand, which Real Techniques have definitely thought out well. I always used to lose the pouches that come with the other sets, and at least with this new stand, I can display my beautiful brushes properly. 
Four brushes come in this set, and as I mentioned earlier- the brushes aren't labelled like the other brushes, for example: sculpting brush or base shadow brush. Instead, they're labelled in terms of size so to encourage you to be versatile with them. The brushes are designed for the following uses,  but are certainly not limited to them: 

Small Point - can be used for eyeshadow, concealer, highlighter 
XS Point - can be used for crease shadow, concealer 
XXS Point - can be used for detailed highlighting, detailed eyeshadow, lip blending
XXXS Point - can be used for eyeliner, brows

They really are versatile; I've used the XXXS point for highlighting my brow bone, and the Small Point for creating a sharp contour line before blending. 
The brushes are unbelievably soft (much more so in comparison to Real Techniques' other brushes), and they make applying make up such a pleasure. Also, because the texture of them are much finer and softer, they're much easier to clean which is always a bonus as brushes can gather an unbelievable amount of bacteria and so considering cleansing to be a chore is not good. 

The MultiTech collection is exclusive to Superdrug, and is available in stores now. 


  1. Ahh love Real techniques!

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    So jealous you went to the launch x


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