DKNY Be Delicious City Collection

I always anticipate the annual launch of DKNY's trio fragrance collections, and so I was excited about what would be the theme of this year's. Titled the 'City Collection', the idea is to portray the different type of New York 'city girl' personalities. DKNY are always so proud of New York City, and these fragrances are named after areas in the city itself- Brooklyn Girl, Chelsea Girl, Nolita Girl. 

DKNY's fragrance collections keep getting better every single year and I like to keep bottles in my fragrance archive so I can go back and unlock memories from the past. Sad, I know- but it feels good as scent if truly a powerful thing. 

The bottles are in the form of DKNY's signature apple bottles, but have taken on a more urban twist for this collection. The bottle tops are white and have a colourful, graffiti-style look to them along with the designer's handwritten note on them: 'XOXO Donald', which is rather unfortunate given the current political status quo. But let's hope that people see past that and realise how great the fragrances are. 

Unless you're a fragrance or DKNY junkie, it's probably unlikely that you'll purchase all three fragrances. But DKNY always tries to include fragrances that suit a range of personal tastes, and there's definitely something for everyone in the City collection. For me personally, I think they're all lovely fragrances but at the moment I'm definitely leaning towards Nolita Girl. Let's take a closer look at them... 
Brooklyn Girl - floral fruity 

Key notes: Blueberry, Freesia, Amber 

DKNY: "For the girl who is inspired by fashion and loves to experiment with an eclectic mix of styles, The Brooklyn Girl is unafraid to take risks and sees personal style as a form of art.

Brooklyn Girl is a very clean floral-fruity fragrance that's subtle but still makes a statement. The blueberry note comes through throughout, making the scent a pleasant one. Additionally, the warm amber adds elegance to it. 

Chelsea Girl - floral musk 

Key notes: Black Rose Accord, Butterfly Orchid, Musk

DKNY: "For the girl who enjoys beauty with a hint of mystery, The Chelsea Girl is known for effortless layering with a relaxed aesthetic and classic touches.

Chelsea Girl is a lovely, floral musk scent that's very addictive. The musk is definitely present, and whilst I don't have a full list of fragrance notes, I can sense an apple note too. Chelsea Girl is definitely the softer fragrance of the trio, so if you prefer a scent that's a little more vibrant, I'd recommend you try Brooklyn Girl or Nolita Girl. 

Nolita Girl - floral fruity/woody 
Key notes: Raspberry, Magnolia, Sandalwood

DKNY: "For the girl who is the antithesis of preppy and proper, The Nolita Girl's aesthetic is influenced by underground street style and edgy icons of modern pop culture."

Nolita Girl opens with a bold burst of raspberry which is beautiful, and is more so when the sensual aroma of sandalwood comes through. I never thought that raspberry and sandalwood would work, but in this fragrance- it's truly a match made in heaven. 

The fragrances are priced at £39 each and are exclusive to The Fragrance Shop


  1. Ella15:07

    Ooooh how exciting! x

  2. I love DKNY and Brooklyn Girl sounds lovely but its a shame that its only available at The Fragrance Shop. I always find their staff to be pushy and less informative than the Perfume Shop.


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