Icon stretch mark treatment: a second update

My stretch marks have improved dramatically since undergoing Icon treatments. Even my 8 year old sister noticed a difference, and she doesn't even know that I've been having treatments! So I know for sure, that they've worked. I've had one more treatment since my last update (see post here). 
Before starting the treatments, I could always feel the 'engraving' texture of my stretch marks on my stomach whereas I can't feel them at all now. They're also a lot less visible and much more blended into my skin. 

The ones on my stomach have improved a lot more compared to the ones on my back, but Jenna assured me that this is most likely due to the fact that the back's skin tissue tends to be a lot more thick and stubborn, so there's a lower chance of the laser actually getting through the layers. 

Also, I mentioned in my last update that there was some mild pigmentation on the areas treated which meant that there was a reddish/brownish tone to my skin. This has completely gone now thanks to using a product highly recommended by Sarah (who also works at the PHI Clinic)- the Exfoliating Body Cleanser by VI Derm. It's a fanastic cleanser that I've been using everyday since August and I noticed a massive difference to the pigmentation within weeks! However, it can be quite drying due to the glycolic acid so it's a really good idea to use an intensive moisturiser after a shower. 

As I've stated in my previous posts, my stretch marks are still there but they've reduced massively in appearance and I couldn't be any happier! 

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  1. Frances22:07

    I didn't get any stretch marks after the birth of my firstborn but got loads after giving birth to my 2nd last year. I've got to look into this!


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