Huda Beauty Rose Gold Edition Palette

Oh my goodness! This palette launched on Cult Beauty a couple of weeks ago, and I honestly thought there was going to be a scramble for it as everyone had waited ages for it to launch after weeks of teasing from Cult Beauty. However, the palette was available for a couple of days before selling out. I think this was because of the hefty £56 price tag- I saw a lot of people complaining on Twitter about this and I have to agree with them, but temptation got the better of me!

I'm not one to hastily buy beauty products before they sell out- I never bothered to rush with the Kylie Lip Kits or the Urban Decay Naked palettes, but the excitement of this palette forced me to go in quickly.

I have to applaud Huda on the colour choices- they're all just so beautiful. The palette consists of 18 shades- 10 matte, 6 foil, and 2 shimmery ones. I'm obsessed with rose gold at the moment (me and my sisters have even decided that's going to be the family Christmas tree theme this year!). My favourite colours so far are: Rose Gold (obviously), Trust Fund, Suede, and Bossy.

Is it worth the £56 price tag? 
I don't think I've ever spent as much on an eyeshadow palette before (the most is probably around £40). Having said that, the Huda Beauty palette includes some of the most pigmented matte eyeshadows that are easy to blend. Also, my medium skin tone is quite neutral like Huda's so the majority of the shades suit me well (I never thought I'd leave the house wearing pink eyeshadow!)

However, as honesty is key for me and my blog- I have to say that the foil eyeshadows were a little difficult to work with- at first. I'll discuss this in the next question...

Considering that you get 18 shades in one palette, £56 doesn't seem too bad. I will probably end up buying another when they re-stock it, but I do admit that the price is pretty steep. It's more of a treat.

What are the foil textured shades like? 
Incredibly stunning- but at first, very difficult to blend and whilst I don't mind using my finger to apply cream/foil based eyeshadows, it was annoying to apply these onto the corners of my eyelids without it getting messy. When I first used the palette, the application of the foil shades sort of clumped up, which was annoying but I realised that the trick is to keep the eyeshadow moving with your finger until the application is complete (i.e. don't let it sit there).

UPDATE: *I'm used to this now after a few weeks of experimenting, but I just thought I'd give you a heads up on what to expect initially!*

How is the colour payoff of the matte eyeshadows? 
Brilliant- I've used the palette about 10-12 times since purchasing and it still looks as neat as it did when I first opened it. That's how amazingly pigmented the matte shadows are. The 'Black Truffle' shade has incredible colour payoff.

Huda Beauty's Rose Gold Edition palette is sold out on Cult Beauty's website, but you can join the waitlist and they'll send you an e-mail when they've re-stocked. I think they're re-stocking in January, but I'll try and contact them and let you guys know! 

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  1. love it!!all the colors!!! all the glitter!


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