Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette

This palette has been a cult beauty product amongst make up obsessives and bloggers for months now, and I finally managed to get my hands on one. It's my first Anastasia Beverly Hills product, and I'm seriously impressed. There are so many newly launched eyeshadow palettes out there (most of them- in my possession), but this one is just outstanding. Honestly, believe the hype! 

It sold out a couple of weeks ago on Cult Beauty after a re-stock, but hopefully they'll be re-stocking soon. 

Modern Renaissance reminds me of Huda Beauty's recently launched Rose Gold palette as some of the shades are quite similar and the shadows in both palettes are beautifully pigmented. However, the shadows in Modern Renaissance are creamier and a lot easier to work with (the Huda Beauty took me a few days to get used to). Plus, this palette doesn't contain the textured foil shadows. 

As basic as this might sound, I love the fact that the product includes a mirror. I find it so annoying when large palettes don't have a mirror inside as I'm always on the go so I take beauty products with me to touch up if I need to. 

The palette is full of nudes and berry tones, making it great for the Autumn/Winter seasons. You can create lovely neutral smoky eye looks or eyeshadow looks with a pop of colour. 

My favourite shades are Primavera, Antique Bronze, and Venetian Red. I rarely gather a liking for pink/red shades- primarily because they don't suit me and make my eyes look sore! But Venetian Red is different as it's a deep cranberry shade that easily blends with the other dark colours such as Cyprus Umber. To be honest, all the shades are pretty wearable (except for Love Letter- which I'm little scared to try!) 

Anastasia Beverly Hills' Modern Renaissance is priced at £45


  1. Love Letter... whata great shade! It's a bomb!!!

  2. Anonymous10:18


  3. So jealous that you have this!

  4. Just to let you also know that ABH have an online UK store now xxxx

  5. Such pretty colours. Great post thanks for sharing


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