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The Benefit Brow collection has been available for a few months now, and I'm going to talk about a few of the products in this post. I'm a brow obsessive- I can the house without wearing make up, no problem, but there's no way I'll go anywhere without my brow game on. I even do my brows when I go to the gym! 

Goof Proof Brow Pencil - £18.50 

I have used this genius brow pencil every single day since getting my hands on it. I was quite nervous about using it and I'm used to an actual wooden pencil style one rather than a slanted one. However, it's incredibly easy to use and great for building up colour using small strokes. I naturally have thick brows but with some sparse patches so I use this to fill them in, making my brows look more shapely and more full. This pencil also includes a brow spoolie on the other end so that you can brush your brows pre or post application. 

Browvo! Conditioning Primer - £21.50 
This brow primer is designed to condition the brows, making them softer and apparently healthier. It's supposed to make any brow product last longer throughout the day but in my opinion, the products from the Benefit Brow collection have incredible longevity regardless. This does make the brows feel super soft, though!
Brow Zings - £24.50 
Brow Zings is a palette that consists of a wax (to create shape and definition) and a powder (to fill in the brows). The kit also includes two mini brushes and a pair of tweezers. I do like this product, but I think I need a bit more time to get used to it. I can get quite clumsy with make-up application so it does get a little messy when I use this. Having said that, my sister was able to use this just fine and she really loves it. I think the Goof Proof Brow Pencil is more for me! 

Gimme Brow - £18.50 
Love, love, love this one! This little beauty adds the finishing touch to my brows, which includes keeping the hairs in place all day (the words 'all day' being the most operative). When I wear this product, I don't need to worry about whether my brows need tidying up, because the Gimme Brow does so well to keep them in place. The tiny brush is brilliant at not making a mess- especially when applying it onto the brow tail! 

Benefit's Brow collection is available to purchase nationwide. For more info, visit:

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    I have Brow Zings! Really good stuff!!


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