Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

A few months ago, Urban Decay launched a range of Vice Lipsticks. You may have already heard of it as they're marketing it a lot on social media. There are a whopping 100 shades in the collection that are a mixture of mattes, creams, and metallics (if you purchase all 100 shades, the total will come up to £1,500!). Here, I have 3 shades here that I've tried out. 


If you asked me 2 years ago to wear a red lipstick, I would've shuddered at the thought of it. Yes, I used to fear red lipstick but I'm so glad that I no longer do and have found the confidence to wear it. Red really is a beautiful colour, and red lipstick is just timeless. The Vice Lipstick in the shade 714 is a classic red. It's a matte finish which is always a winner for me; although I do like cream finishes, I'm a matte girl at heart. 


From the lipstick bullet, Firebird seems like a plum-like purple/pink shade, but once swatched it's a complete throw away on the colour spectrum. It's actually a fuschia pink that offers a cream finish but it's quite glossy and includes glitter particles. Amazingly, I'm not wearing a lip gloss in the photo below. 


Pandemonium is a bold, matte purple shade. I may have gotten over the fear of a red lipstick, but I think I'm going to need a little more time to warm up to this shade. Nevertheless, it's a gorgeous shade that I may wear on nights out. Plus- the colour payoff is much better and darker in real life. I found it quite difficult to capture on camera!

Urban Decay's Vice Lipsticks are priced at £15, and can be purchased from

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    Wow 100 shades is a lot! All 3 colors really suit you :)


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