Icon stretch mark treatment: an update

A few months ago, I wrote about my initial appointment for the Icon Stretch Mark Treatment at the PHI Clinic on Harley Street and expressed that I had already seen a slight difference in the reduction of the stretch marks on my stomach and hips (See post here). Since then, I've had two more treatments and some photos taken- and I'm so pleased to report that there has been some very significant progress. 

Treatment 2: 
Prior to the treatment, Jenna used a numbing cream on the area (particularly as I found the treatment to be slightly painful on my hips). I personally don't think the numbing cream made much difference but maybe this was because my period was due that week and so I was little more sensitive. 

During this session, Jenna concentrated on treating my upper stomach as this area is where the stretch marks are a bit more visible (usually they tend to exist on the lower stomach). I asked her if there is a specific reason as to why this is, and she said that it's just the way that my body reacted to change during puberty and weight gain/loss. She stressed that everyone's body is different, and that stretch marks can appear anywhere. 

Treatment 3 and photo session: 
Just before my third treatment, Jenna took me to the photography room where she took some photos of my stomach and hips. It was a little difficult to take the photos because my stretch marks are white/silver in colour and so I had to keep changing positions to capture them clearly on camera. 

When Jenna saw the photos, her first words were "Wow, there is a big difference!", and when I saw the photos I couldn't believe that my skin and stretch marks had transformed in a matter of months (with a laser!). Not only did the stretch marks on my stomach look smaller, they were also a lot more blended into the rest of the skin in terms of tone. Plus, my stretch marks are no longer as raised as they used to be, which is brilliant. 

I must emphasise though that my skin's not at all perfect- the stretch marks are still visible, just not as much as they were before the treatment. But this is skin we're talking about- it's obviously going to take time for it to renew. With this in consideration, I'm very, very happy with the progress of my stretch mark treatment. 

Although the stretch marks on my stomach have improved, the stretch marks on my hips are a little stubborn and the photos showed only a slight difference to them. Jenna told me that this is common and with more time, there may be some more development. 

She also pointed that some very mild pigmentation had started to develop on the treated area, which I was warned about before starting the treatment. However, this doesn't bother me at all as the stretch marks are far more bothersome and as long as they improve in terms of reduction, it's fine. 

After the photos were taken, we headed downstairs to the treatment room where I had my third treatment done. It didn't hurt at all; it was painful but tolerable on my hips in the first two treatments, but this time around I felt absolutely nothing (and this was without numbing cream!) I'm definitely used to it now. 

Because Jenna had noticed that some slight pigmentation had started to develop on the treated area, she recommended that I use a body wash and cream with glycolic acid as a key ingredient. She's very knowledgeable about skincare and also told me to take vitamin C and E supplements as they can assist with skin renewal and prevent any future stretch marks. I asked her about the most popular product on the market right now that claims to prevent and get rid of stretch marks- Bio Oil- and she  (surprisingly) said that she doesn't recommend it. 

I have my next appointment next month, and I'll be posting another update (I'll ask the clinic to send me the photos so I can put them up as well). 

For more information on the Icon laser treatment, visit: 

*Disclaimer* The treatment was complimentary, but this does not affect my opinions expressed here in any way. Aesthetic treatments can be quite expensive, and I wouldn't want you to spend money on something that may not have worked for me. Hence, the honesty. 


  1. Olivia12:00

    I'm so glad the treatment is working for you! P.s Bio Oil never worked for me either x

  2. Elsa13:38

    You are so so brave to give us a candid insight into your treatment and I'm glad its working for you. Keep us updated!

  3. Thanks for this update - I actually contacted the clinic about a month back to see if I could get booked in for the treatment but it was just before my holiday and I forgot to ring them back. This has deffo prompted me to try again - thanks for sharing your experience!


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