Icon Stretch Mark Treatment: Consultation and First Treatment

I've had stretch marks on my stomach and hips for years and they've had a huge impact on my life- especially after becoming a gym addict and losing weight. After trying everything from Vitamin and collagen supplements to expensive oils that claim to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, I was seriously starting to lose hope. Until I was given the opportunity to try out a laser treatment by Icon. 

Icon is a non-ablative laser treatment than can be used for scars, hair removal, and stretch marks without much pain. It causes trauma within the skin which makes the skin heal itself, allowing the skin to re-surface and balance out the skin tone. My stretch marks are moderate, white in colour, and slightly raised. So a laser treatment is the best option to try and reduce them.

I was booked in at the PHI Clinic on Harley Street for my treatment, which began with a consultation to see if the treatment was right for me and so I could ask any questions I may have. The PHI Clinic was very professional and I'm definitely considering future treatments there.

The treatment room at the PHI Clinic

I was very nervous about my consultation as I didn't know what would happen, and of course- whether the treatment would be painful!

I checked in at reception and filled out the usual medical history/permission forms, and then I was greeted by Jenna Staal who took me into the consulting room. She was very calming and informative about the Icon treatment.

No promises were made by her- she made it very clear that the treatment may or may not work for me as everyone is different, so results can vary widely. Photos were also taken of my stomach and hips for future reference in order to measure progress over time.

Jenna was a bit concerned about the slight pigmentation on the rest of my skin, and so we agreed that a patch test should be done first before undergoing a full treatment. The patch test was slightly painful but definitely tolerable- if you've had laser hair removal treatments before, the pain level is about the same.

I did experience some redness and a minor burning sensation as I walked out of the clinic, but I was told this was normal and it went away after a few hours. My first treatment was booked for a week after the consultation. 

First treatment 
I was more nervous about the first treatment compared to the consultation as I would have to undergo the laser treatment for a bit longer.

When Jenna took me into the treatment room, she asked to see the area and called in the doctor to check if it was okay for me to undergo the treatment. There was a little redness and slight pigmentation on the area so she wanted to 100% make sure. The doctor took a look at me and said the response from my skin was normal and that it was okay for me to undergo the treatment. He told me that such a response was normal and will eventually go away in time.

With the all clear given, Jenna began my first treatment and I was very surprised as the laser didn't hurt on the stomach at all. I was expecting it to be more painful in comparison to the hips. Jenna said that I was very tough with regard to the pain. The treatment didn't take long either- my stomach and hips were done within a 45-minute appointment. 

After about a week of the treatment, my stomach was still a little red around the stretch marks but it didn't feel sore or irritating. 

It's already been 4 weeks since my first treatment and I can see a difference. The area feels a lot smoother and the stretch marks are starting to fade. It's amazing what technology can do. 

I have my second treatment booked in for next week, so I will definitely write up an update post on that.

For more information on the Icon laser treatment, visit: 

*Disclaimer* The treatment was complimentary, but this does not affect my opinions expressed here in any way. 


  1. This is something i've been considering for some time. I'm definitely going to look further into it now. Has the pigmentation reduced yet from the 1st treatment?

    1. It did settle slightly every time after each treatment, but now the pigmentation is hardly visible and I'm still having treatments xx

  2. Really intrigued my this, but ive had stretch marks since I was 13 (I'm 25 now) and im doubtful that they will efer go away. Im glad youve seen a difference though and please do keep us updated on your progress.

  3. Sarah10:42

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience! I have a few stretch marks but the ones on my arms bug me the most I've tried bio oil but no luck so far

  4. Elsa13:40

    Hi Susmi, was there any downtime after the treatment?

    1. Not as much compared to the downtime expected after a surgical procedure. The skin is red and a little sore after treatment but it's nothing intolerable at all. Also, the skin should be kept cool for a few days after treatment- so no exercise, hot showers etc. Hope that helps! xx


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