GOSH 9 Shades: To be cool in Copenhagen

GOSH recently unveiled its SS16 collection at the Metro hotel in London, and I loved every single piece of it. The new collection sings to the tune of natural/raw beauty, and consists of matte lipsticks, illuminating highlighting drops, lip oils, nude eyeshadow sticks, and of course- a sister palette of the 9 shades shadow collections: To Be Cool In Copenhagen. The concept of natural looking beauty really appeals to me, and I'm glad that GOSH has covered it. 

The new eyeshadow palette includes 9 gorgeous, nude shades that are matte in texture. The colours range from creams to soft browns and greys, and the payoff is good. With this palette, you can create natural eye looks or a neutral smokey eye. At the moment, my favourite colour is the soft brown (middle row-right).

Many tend to stay clear of matte eyeshadows as they can have chalky textures that make it difficult to blend. However, GOSH have done really well to preven

I also love the decent-sized mirror. Some eyeshadow palettes come with a tiny mirror or infact no mirror at all. The size of the mirror is significant when applying the eyeshadows as you can see both eyes at the same time so you can compare each eye without switching sides. The mirror is also very clear. 
At £9.99, the palette is such a steal- not just because you get 9 shades and a good mirror, but because it's GOSH. It's definitely one of the best high-street make up brands out there as the quality of their products exceeds their prices. I don't think I've tried anything from GOSH that has disappointed me so far- and I've been a fan of the brand for 5 years. 

I also like how GOSH didn't include a mini applicator or brush, as these'll just be useless. The best application comes from make up brushes, and GOSH knows this. Their promotional images and posters are so extravagant and beautiful. 

The GOSH 9 Shades To Play With In Copenhagen is priced at £9.99 and can be purchased exclusively from Superdrug. 

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  1. I do love these Gosh palettes, I actually went to Copenhagen last year and I generally love buying makeup that relates to places I visit as souvenirs so I can wear them while I am there and have that as a kind of memory. That sounds really lame, I know, however I wasn't tempted to buy this palette as there is nothing extraordinary about the colours or the shades that make me think of Copenhagen. Other than that, it does look like a really good neutral palette, if I didn't already own similar shades I would definitely buy it, it is a steal! Would love to see swatches though x

    Kiran |


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