Real Techniques | Brush Cleansing Palette and Deep Cleansing Gel

This Brush Cleansing Palette by Real Techniques has been available for a few weeks now and has proved to be quite popular amongst fans and make up lovers.

Before I owned this palette, I used to use a non-scented shampoo and the back of my hand to clean my make up brushes. I wash my brushes regularly but that's not to say I hate doing it. I own so many brushes so it can definitely get a little tedious. But, the Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette and Gel is a game changer.

The silicone palette sits on your hand so you have full control over cleaning your brushes, and has a multi-textured surface designed for the deep cleansing of a range of brushes.

I washed my brushes on Saturday and found that the palette cleaned my make up brushes very quickly, and removed even the most stubborn make up such as eyeliner and red lipstick. The bristles go back to their original colour, almost as if they're brand new. My advice would be to be gentle when cleaning the brushes so that they maintain its shape and to prevent bristle loss.

Now, onto the Deep Cleansing Gel- you receive 2 free samples of the gel with the palette, but you can purchase a bottle of it separately. What surprised me was how little of the gel was required. so £7.50 for a bottle is definitely worth it. The gel removes dirt and even claims to remove impurities that cannot be seen. I didn't even have to keep re-washing my brushes whilst cleaning them so the amount of time spent cleaning them was dramatically reduced.
The Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette is priced at £12.99, and the Cleansing Gel is priced at £7.50, and can both be purchased from Superdrug. 

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