New Revlon Mascara Collection 2016

Until recently, there hasn't really been anything new or exciting from Revlon. But now they've done something incredibly brave by discontinuing their entire mascara line. Their previous mascaras have now been replaced by a brand new collection. At first, I thought it was a shame that the original line was being discontinued (I was a fan of the Lash Plumping Mascara) but after trying the new mascaras, I believe this was a good move for Revlon.

The new packaging isn't as glamourous as Revlon's previous mascaras, but I think the simplicity of them can be a good thing as it allows consumers to know exactly what they're getting, rather than simply being influenced by fancy packaging. I'm a sucker for pretty packaging so this definitely applies to me!

I already have quite long lashes, so I always opt for high-street branded mascaras as there's no point in me spending a fortune on them (I'd much rather spend my money on skincare!). At £9.99 each, the new Revlon mascaras are affordable and each offer something different.

Here are my thoughts on each- hopefully you can tell the difference between them! To get the ball rolling, here's a picture of my lashes before any application of mascara... (sorry- I'm not wearing any concealer/foundation!)

Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara 
The brush of the Ultra Volume mascara has close bristles that are both short and long in length in order to avoid clumps. Lashes are lifted and curled from the roots, and look more volumed and plumped. 

Revlon Volume + Length Mascara 
This one has a square brush and is designed to amplify the lashes by adding both volume and length. This is a good mascara, however I must say that I did find it to be a little clumpy after the second coat. Having said that, one coat of this is absolutely fine.


Revlon Super Length Mascara 

The Super Length Mascara is a simple brush on a short wand, allowing better control in terms of hold and application. The small tip allows you to coat the corner lashes without clumping or ruining the overall look.

What I like most about this mascara however, is that the brush holds just the right amount of product so there's no excess, and the lashes look and feel very natural and lightweight.


Revlon Dramatic Definition Mascara 

The Dramatic Definition mascara has a brush that defines the lashes as it separates them. Lashes appear thicker, but are still free from clumps. 


Revlon Ultimate All-in-One Mascara 
This one is by far has the most interesting brush! When I first opened it and saw the tiny brush, I was very skeptical indeed. I've used brushes with small brushes before and my lashes always end up looking so clumpy! However, the All-in-One Mascara is, quite simply fantastic.

The Ultimate All-in-One mascara has a hollow brush that's designed to lengthen, define, and volumise lashes. It definitely delivers.

I somehow managed to get some messy product onto my eyelids as I'm a little clumsy with mascara, but practice makes perfect! There is a little excess of product on the wand as it's small in size, so you do need to wipe the excess back into the resevoir.

By the way- a quick word of advice: you can still quickly grab some of the mascaras from Revlon's previous line for around £3-4! I've spotted them in a few Boots and Superdrug stores so if you were a fan, stock up while you can!

The new Revlon mascaras are priced at £9.99 each, and can be purchased from Boots and Superdrug. 


  1. Wonderful review. I kind of like the packaging.

  2. You have gorgeous lashes!

  3. Great review! I've been meaning to get new mascara for ages and the ultra volume one looks really good!

    Gabrielle Isabella X

  4. These all look amazing on I think I might just have to treat myself to one x

    Darling Jordan

  5. Olivia21:15

    Your lashes and brows are amazing xx

  6. Great review!! Just want to know - do these mascaras smudge?


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