DKNY Be Electric collection

I look forward to DKNY's Limited Edition collections every Spring. The Dreamsicle fragrance from the Sorbet collection last year is my absolute favourite DKNY fragrance to date, and I'm currently trying to save as much of it as I can! This year, DKNY have launched a really fun collection- Be Electric, and aren't the bottles just amazing?! They're incredibly photogenic and I love the bright summery colours. 

As always with DKNY collections, there are three new fragrances in the famous apple shaped bottles; Citrus Pulse (Orange), Bright Crush (Yellow) and Loving Glow (Pink). Obviously not everyone will purchase all three, (they are priced at £37 each) but I think there is something for everyone in the range as the scents are quite different from each other. At the moment, my favourite is Loving Glow but I'm also leaning towards Citrus Pulse too. They're all unique in their own way. Here are my thoughts on all three:

DKNY Be Electric: Loving Glow fragrance 
 Top Notes: Blackcurrant, Grape, Pineapple 
Heart Notes: Jasmine, Purple Violet, Apricot 
Base Notes: Vanilla, Amberwood, Musk
Being the pink one, this was the first fragrance I tried out, and it's very lovely indeed. The fruity burst is simply divine, but what I noticed was that the base notes came through quite quickly. The medley between the fruity notes and the richness of the Vanilla, Amberwood and Musk is just beautiful, and forms a very sensual scent that's not too sweet. This is quite the opposite to what I was actually expecting from this fragrance as the notes list is full of fruity scents! 

I'm always sceptical about fragrances with Blackcurrant as a top note as I've experienced many fragrances that have that Ribena scent to them, which isn't very nice if I'm honest. However, the Blackcurrant note in Loving Glow isn't overpowering at all, and what I do love is that the Apricot note comes through quite well, and is still detected hours after initial spray. 

Loving Glow is a gentle fruity floral that's not too fruity or girly- infact it's quite mature and leaves a warm, sensual scent lingering on the skin. My Mum tried it out too, and while she detests fruity scents, she really liked it.

DKNY Be Electric: Bright Crush fragrance 
Top Notes: Dew Fruit, Bergamot, Blackcurrant 
Heart Notes: Plum, Frangipani, Peony 
Base Notes: Amber, Vanilla, Creamy Woods
Before testing this one, I thought it would be a very overpowering, citrus-y scent but oh how wrong I was. Bright Crush is an uplifting fragrance that's so summery and fresh. It starts off as quite fruity and tropical (the Bergamot note comes through the most), and then settles into a sweet scent with a fresh drydown. 

The Vanilla in the base is lovely, and makes the fragrance a light one which is perfect for daytime wear. My fifteen year old sister preferred this one out of all three and loved the freshness of it. It's definitely a youthful scent that's reminds me of sipping cocktails in the summer. 

DKNY Be Electric: Citrus Pulse fragrance 
 Top Notes: Nectarine, Mandarin, Passion Fruit  
Heart Notes: Jasmine Absolute, Plumeria Blossom, Magnolia 
Base Notes: Benzoin, Musk, Sandalwood 
The initial burst of Citrus Pulse gives such an adrenaline rush as the mixture of Nectarine, Mandarin and Passion Fruit is so punchy and vibrant. As the fragrance journey develops, the Sandalwood comes through beautifully and mingles well with the orange notes of Nectarine and Mandarin. Citrus Pulse is a sweet fragrance, but not too sweet enough to label it as overpowering or sickly.

DKNY's Be Electric fragrances are priced at £37 and is currently exclusive to The Perfume Shop.  


  1. OMG these look so cool! The orange one seems like my type of perfume. Love me some sandalwood xoxo

  2. I have always loved the dkny be delicious. . The apple smell is so yummy!


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