Christmas Gift Guide | Make Up Brushes

I've been obsessed with make up brushes for a while now, so I thought it'd be nice if I put together a little Christmas gift guide dedicated to them. Make up brushes make great gift ideas as there's no such thing as owning too many of them, and who wouldn't want to perfect their application techniques? Since I started using brushes, my make up skills have improved drastically. I currently own around 100 myself. 

Here is a list of my fave gift ideas for Christmas, ranging in prices from £20 to £75. I know it's a bit late, but if you're like me and leave everything to the last minute- you might be able to get some inspiration. 

Studio 10 Dual Ended Brush Set - £75.00
The Dual Ended Brush Set consists of 5 sleek, feminine looking brushes- Eyeshadow, Cheek, Eye Define, Concealer, and Face, and all come in a textured clutch. The bristles are incredibly soft (perhaps the softest I've ever come across) and lightweight, and my favourite brush is angled cheek brush as it picks up the right amount of powder to create a natural looking blush or bronze. 

I've never used dual ended brushes before, but I found these brushes so handy to use as you can switch sides when you need to rather than putting down and picking up different brushes for each product application. The contents of the set are worth over £150, so for £75 you're getting a good deal. Available from: Studio 10 Beauty website

Real Techniques Deluxe Gift Set - £30.00
Real Techniques is my favourite brush brand- I think I own about 70 of their brushes! They launched a Deluxe Gift Set especcially for the holidays this year, containing 5 brushes including 2 exclusives and a clutch. The brushes included are a Multi Task Brush, a Tapered Foundation Brush, an Angled Highlighter Brush, a Base Shadow Brush, and a Fine Liner Brush. 

The brushes are of a metallic finish which are perfect for the festive season, and my favourite in the set is definitely the Angled Highlighter brush as it allows me to apply my champagne coloured highlighter with such precision. It's RRP is £29.99 but it's currently on offer at £20 in Superdrug! 

EcoTools Flawless Complexion Set - £19.99
EcoTools is made by the same company as Real Techniques and the quality and performance definitely shines through; the bristles are of a good quality that helps to reduce shine on the skin. 

The festive design on the handles is beautiful and I love you don't need to gift wrap it as a gift tag, ribbon and gift box are cleverly included. All you do is follow the instructions and the gift set in wrapped in less than a minute! Very handy indeed- plus the gift wrap doesn't look too bad either. Available from Boots and Superdrug. 

No7 Brush Set - £25.00
No7 have gone all out this Christmas- the glitzy packaging is so festive and I love it! This brush set is priced at £25 and contains a Powder, Foundation, Smudger, Eye Colour, and Lip brush, as well as a red and pink themed clutch to keep them in. 

It's a great set that includes all the tools for applying make up for the whole face, and the colourful clutch is so gorgeous. 

Urban Beauty United 
These brushes by Urban Beauty United (UBU) are so cute and trendy, and they're great for teens. The white and rose gold handles contrast well with the bright pink bristles. From left to right is the Powder Brush, Foundation Brush, Blusher and Blending Brush, and Angled Blusher Brush. 

These are a lot more affordable but they still do the job well as the bristles are soft and the powder pick-up is quite impressive- not too little and not too much. These brushes are available individually in re-sealable packets which are good for keeping them clean, and they're also available in sets too. They are available to purchase from Tesco and Amazon. 

Real Techniques Eyelining Set - £19.99
This set was launched a few months ago, and I think it makes a lovely Christmas gift- especially for eyeliner lovers as it includes all the tools to create a range of different eyeliner looks. I'm a huge fan of eyeliner and this set allows me to create even the sleekest flicks and subtle smudges. The metallic purple finish is so Christmassy too. 

I hope you enjoyed my gift guide and now have some inspiration for Christmas gifts! 


  1. This is literally the brush gift guide of all brush gift guides! Such fantastic prices too, I'm really really drawn in by the RT deluxe gift set. I haven't purchased new brushes in over a year I think, so probably time to treat myself!

  2. I'm so tempted to buy the real technique deluxe set and ecotools set, esp. since they're both on sale atm on superdrugs!xx



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