Toni & Guy Fluid Metal Styler

Toni & Guy have recently launched their new Fluid Metal Styler, which is just beautiful! Featuring colourful iridescent plates inspired by this season's metallic trends, the new styler makes a brilliant gift for Christmas. I'm a big fan of iridescent finishes, but this is the first time I've seen iridescent plates on a set of hair stylers. 
In my opinion, Toni & Guy stylers are underrated as they perform very well- just as well as ghd stylers which is priced up to £165. The heat-up time is fast, and the plates are so smooth that they glide through the hair without snagging, making the straightening process a whole lot quicker and without damaging it. Additionally, the plates float which makes curling your hair much easier as it can strengthen the movement of the curl.
Unlike ghds, the styler offers a range of heat settings in order to suit your hair type, which is great if you have fine hair or don't like styling your hair at high heat settings. The temperature dial ranges from 80'C to 230'C so you can gently touch up or completely change your look. I usually set mine at 200'C if I'm straightening my hair after blow drying, but I tend to lower the temperature right down to 120'C if I'm fixing up the ends or just touching up. 

The styler also includes an automatic shut-off feature which is such a lifesaver! I'm a really anxious person and I remember years ago when I used to worry on the bus about leaving the straighteners on at home. Thankfully, that's no longer a problem. 
The Fluid Metal Styler also comes with a heat mat and a really cool storage pouch that matches the theme of the iridescent styling plates. It makes a great Christmas gift, especially as it's priced at only £90. I've tried and tested a lot of hair stylers from different brands at various prices, and I can honestly say that £90 for the Fluid Metal Styler is an absolute steal. 

Toni & Guy's Fluid Metal Styler can be purchased from HERE


  1. This styler looks amazing! Love the metallic colourful effect on it too! Such a unique styler :)
    Serene xoxo

  2. That is a pretty straightener. :)

  3. They look so so pretty! I was surprised to see that they are only £90!

  4. These look amazing and I saw them in Superdrug for £30 last month!


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