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There's always a special place in my heart for a DKNY fragrance- I still own some of the limited edition ones from years ago. Who remembers the Candy Apples and Hearts The World fragrances? I also fell in love with the gorgeous DKNY Dreamsicle fragrance that launched earlier this year- I'm currently being stingy with it so it doesn't run out. Such a shame it was limited edition! 
Anyway, DKNY have just launched a new fragrance in the form of the brand's famous apple bottle, called Be Desired. DKNY usually launch their apple fragrances in trios so I was intrigued to find out the story behind the new scent, and obviously what it smells like. 

I love DKNY's passion for New York and they tell stories about the city through the fragrance very well. Be Desired is designed to invite you into the urban gardens of New York City, and is a light floral fragrance that's gently twisted with creamy and citrus-y tones. DKNY have embodied the concept of an urban garden into a city fragrance by combining modern notes with beautiful green florals. Here is the list of fragrance notes: 

Top Notes: Orange, Blackcurrant, Violet Leaf 
Heart Notes: Acacia, Cassis, Jasmine, Rose 
Base Notes: Cashmere, Cedar, Amber Wood 

On initial spray, the fragrance is very light and citrus-y which disappointed me a little at first- but thankfully it conjures itself up rather quickly into a gorgeous fruity floral that's uplifting and refreshing. The notes of Cassis and Amber Wood are absolutely divine, and it's quite a modern scent. 

If you're going to test this fragrance in-store, my advice would be to wait a minute after spraying it to see if you like it as it transition from the top notes to the heart is rather speedy, and the fragrance is so beautiful once the heart notes come through. In my opinion anyway. 

I asked my Mum what she thought of this fragrance (she's a massive DKNY fan!) and the first thing she said when I sprayed it on the back of her hand was 'Nah, not my type'. But after a couple of minutes she came up to me and told me that she really likes it. 

Be Desired is a more intense version of the original Be Delicious but with cooler tones and is a lot more fresh whilst being sophisticated and inoffensive. Usually I'd consider this type of fragrance to be more appropriate for Spring/Summer wear, but I've worn it a few times now and it makes me feel amazing in the recent dull weather. I'm hoping for Be Desired to help me make exciting new memories this season that I'll remember whenever I smell the fragrance in the future. 

DKNY Be Desired launched today and is available nationwide. 

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  1. I love be delicious by dkny, especially the green apple. So good!


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