Paco Rabanne Olympea

It's so nice to see something new from Paco Rabanne- their last biggest women's fragrance launch was Lady Million, and that was years ago! I was beginning to think that Paco Rabanne had lost their spark, until now of course... 

Inspired by Greek Goddesses, Olympea takes you on a venture of victory and championship through a sweet floral scent. The warm fragrance opens up with a sweet and creamy burst of top notes consisting of Salty Vanilla Accord. The journey then continues by developing into the Jasmine and Gingerlily heart, finally settling to a dry down of Ambregris, Bois De Cachmire Ambregris, and Cashmere Wood lingering on the skin. 

The vanilla opening is so alluring and the Salty Vanilla note is just divine; for Paco Rabanne to include it in a fragrance is just genius! It's executed quite well in Olympea, and it adds depth to the oriental fragrance from start to finish without smelling powdery at all. Vanilla is one of my favourite scents so for it to make itself present throughout, allows me to give Olympea a big thumbs up. The longevity is also impressive. 
It really is a beautiful warm fragrance that's inoffensive, and is very different compared to Paco Rabanne's previous fragrances that had potential to be overwhelming. Olympea is an elegant scent and in my opinion, the elegance reaches it's prime when the fragrance's oriental base notes start to come through. The transition from the warm Gingerlily in the heart to the creamy woody base is what makes the fragrance. 

Moving onto the bottle, it is an absolute stunner. The elegant rose gold flacon with wings resembles a trophy, and signifies exactly what the fragrance is supposed to idealise and celebrate: championship. Who wouldn't want it sitting on their dressing table? 
Olympea by Paco Rabanne is priced at £70 for 80ml and is available from The Perfume Shop HERE


  1. WOW check the bottle! I love vanilla fragrances too x

  2. I have got to hunt this one down! I was never a fan of one million. One of my favourite scents is actually Paco Rabanne's Black XS, I love it sooo much.

  3. that sounds like it was made for a friend of mine O_O


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