No7 Colour Your Way

As a child, I always used to watch my Mum apply her make up- she absolutely loved No7 and had a whole drawer full of their products! So I became very familiar with the brand whilst growing up. No7 has always been very good at helping women feel better about themselves and changing beauty norms and boundaries; and their brand new 'Colour Your Way' campaign is no exception to this. 

'Colour Your Way' is a very interesting campaign as it cleverly contradicts the usual associations with specific colours, embracing the idea that women shouldn't feel bound by accepted colour associations or pressured by the latest trends. 

No7 have given a new lease of life to colours by using contradictory statements to label each look- for example, whilst the colour red is usually associated with anger and sexiness, it has been labelled 'Quiet Red', grey has been labelled 'Sunny Grey', and the humble nude: "Electric Nude". 

The aim with these contradictions is inspired by the belief that women should use cosmetics to express how they're really feeling, and not just to cover themselves up. Overall, it's a very very clever, and warm campaign. 

No7 want women to know that they can do what they want with make up despite certain associations,  and say that: "... if you’re feeling quiet and mellow and want to express it with a pop of red, often associated with boldness or intensity, go ahead. Or why not bring out your bright side with a splash of grey and reveal your serious side with a slick of bright pink? What works for one woman might be totally different to another." 

The "What works for one woman might be totally different to another" line is incredibly important as obviously everyone is different and No7 are clearly encouraging women not to be afraid to be themselves. 

Also, No7 have chosen to not use models in this campaign, but real women including a teacher and a woman who works in fashion. I think this is lovely and everyone featured looks gorgeous- I'd do anything to be one of their campaign women! 

As always with No7, the images from the Colour Your Way campaign have not been retouched or airbrushed- which I think is absolutely fantastic. Photoshop has made everyone skeptical, and clarity and honesty is just what's needed right now in the beauty industry. It makes No7 a really trustworthy brand with loyal customers. 

The first No7 Colour Your Way advert will be airing on TV tonight! 


  1. REally like that blue polish and red lipstick!

  2. What a lovely idea! xx


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