Masque Bar

I recently tried out these exciting face masks from Masque Bar, a Korean brand that's stocked at Boots. Each pack comes with 3 mask sachets and are priced £9.99. There are obviously cheaper face masks out there but these are probably the best ones I've used that are available on the high street. 
I love the idea of the Brightening Sheet Mask as it was so easy to use and involved less mess compared to a liquid/cream based face mask. I never used a sheet mask before so it was very exciting. The mask made my skin look so radiant after use and it left it feeling so fresh. My advice when using this mask would be to stay still while the mask is on your face as it's easy for it to fall off. I had a little lie down while wearing the mask.
The Anti-Blemish Mud Mask is very soothing and aims to control any oiliness in the skin. It wasn't as easy to apply and take off as the sheet mask but it did leave my skin feeling calmer and very clean. I have sensitive skin and some face masks irritate my skin so I was glad that this one didn't.
Overall, I definitely prefer the Brightening Sheet Masks as they were so much easier and quicker to use. I don't use face masks that often primarily because I don't have time to apply it and spend ages trying to remove every trace of it from my face. The sheet mask can be applied and taken off very quickly so it's a great way to pamper your skin without the hassle. 

Masque Bar is currently available at Boots, and the packs of 3 are priced at £9.99. 

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  1. I never have time for face masks either but the sheet mask is interesting!


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