Ghost Girl

I was invited to the Ghost fragrance party on Wednesday at the Holborn Hoxton Hotel, where they were launching their latest fragrance, Ghost Girl. It was a really fun event with Ghost themed cocktails, pick 'n' mix, light-up candy floss, and even a fortune teller (who very scarily, knew quite a lot about me!).

The branding for Ghost Girl is very different compared to Ghost's existing line of fragrances, and is clearly aimed at a younger market. To be completely honest with you, I was afraid the scent would be weak and tacky so I was really surprised when I gave it a try and realised how gorgeous it is. Everyone I spoke to at the launch party was really into the scent.

It's a fruity fragrance with a floral twist that's sweet but not overpowering. I love the fruity burst of top notes at the start of the fragrance and the overall scent lasts all day; the creamy dry down is also amazing. It's such a unique and pleasant fragrance that I'll definitely be wearing a lot more of. I also admire the whole fiesty 'self discovery' and 'dare to be you' ethos.

Top Notes: Pomegranate, Raspberry and Fizzy Bergamot 
Heart Notes: Tuberose, Almond Flower and Orange Flower 
Base Notes: Amber and Sandalwood

Just like Ghost's original line of fragrances (with the exception of Deep Night and Eclipse), the bottle for Ghost Girl is in the form of an hourglass shape but with the words 'Closer, Adore, and Love Me' in pink and purple written all over it. It looks a bit like graffiti, therefore enforcing the whole 'dare to be you' message of the fragrance. I'm not sure whether I'm a fan of the bottle and I prefer the box packaging as it has a white background, but I really love the fragrance and that's what's important. 

Ghost Girl launches later this month 


  1. Ooooh this is exciting!!

  2. I'm very picky with my perfumes but this sounds lovely xxxo

  3. Anonymous15:56

    This sounds like such scent, I will have to check it out x

  4. Sounds lovely but the bottle is a bit too young for me hehe !


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