BOSS Runway Edition Fragrances

Before Nuit launched in 2012, Hugo Boss wouldn't have ever crossed my mind when thinking of one of my favourite fragrance brands. 

Nuit, Jour and Ma Vie changed everything for the BOSS Woman fragrance brand, making it more feminine, and sophisticated. For me, BOSS Woman Orange just wasn't cutting it. So it's great that the fragrance trio are being celebrated by their re-launch as Runway Edition fragrances this month. The new editions have three statement looks inspired by Jason Wu on the bottles and packaging.

Just to make things clear- the scents are exactly the same. The only difference between the original and Runway Edition is the bottle and packaging design, so it's more of a collector's edition. 

BOSS Nuit 
One of my favourite all-time fragrances, Nuit is the perfect fragrance to complement the 'little black dress'. It's a sophisticated and feminine scent that's great for any time of day. The scent is perfect from the initial spritz to the creamy dry down; with the most dominant notes being the peach, white flowers, and sandalwood. Overall, it's a light, white floral fragrance with a refreshing fruity twist. Although Nuit is marketed as an 'evening' fragrance, I personally think it's suitable for daytime wear too.

Top Notes: Aldehydes, Peach 
Heart Notes: White Flowers, Jasmine, Sensual Violet 
Base Notes: Crystalline Moss, Creamy Sandalwood 

BOSS Jour 
BOSS Jour is Nuit's sister and was launched a year after. Encapsulated in a sleek white bottle, the scent is luxurious, crisp and refreshing but is delicate enough not to overwhelm.

It starts off as quite citrus-y due to the grapefruit and lime, which then develops into a floral heart, finally finishing off with a creamy dry down. The creamy amber note in the base is divine and in my opinion, makes the fragrance. The longevity is also much better compared to Nuit.

Top Notes: Agathosma, Grapefruit Flower, Lime Accord 
Heart Notes: Honeysuckle, Lilly of the Valley, Freesia 
Base Notes: Creamy Amber, White Birch, Orris 

BOSS Ma Vie 
As the third fragrance in the collection, Ma Vie doesn't fail to appointment and is a great summer fragrance with charisma. Ma Vie is composed of Cactus Blossom as its top notes, with Pink Floral Bouquet and Rose Buds forming the heart, and finishes off with Cedarwood as the base. The Rose Bud note is definitely present and makes itself well known throughout the fragrance.

Whilst Nuit and Jour are fruity florals, Ma Vie leans most towards the floral side, and although it's the strongest out of the three in terms of scent and longevity, it isn't at all offensive.

Top Notes: Cactus Blossom 
Heart Notes: Pink Floral Bouquet with Rose Bud 
Base Notes: Cedarwood 

The BOSS Runway Editions are priced at £50 for 50ml, and is now available. 


  1. I really like the packaging. :)

  2. Ma Vie sounds lovely!

  3. I've sniffed Boss Nuit and I think it's very nice but my fave is Boss Orange.
    The special pack edition is very sleek ;-)


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