BOSS Bottled Oud

Hugo Boss are forever building on the success of the popular BOSS Bottled fragrance by launching re-interpretations of it, this time as an Oud based scent. BOSS Bottled Oud is a warm, spicy fragrance that's the epitome of modern masculinity. 

The notes are very similar to the original BOSS Bottled including the famous Apple top note, but is altered with sensual and smoky notes. This warm and opulent twist makes BOSS Bottled Oud the perfect gift for the man in your life for the upcoming Autumn season. 

Likewise to the original BOSS Bottled, the first spritz is fresh and citrusy thanks to the Bergamot, Plum and Apple, which then develops into the Middle Eastern-inspired heart of Saffron, Clove, and Cistus Labdanum. The base notes are composed of Oud, Sandalwood, Cypriol and Woods, which all fuse together to leave a mature, warm and compelling scent lingering for hours. BOSS Bottled Oud is a scent that's appropriate for evening wear. 

The Oud note isn't dominant in the scent and is actually quite mild, which may be a disappointment for fans of oud-y scents. But obviously pure oud isn't for everyone and so the fragrance can be appreciated by men of various tastes as it isn't overpowering. I don't think BOSS Bottled Oud will be as popular as the original or BOSS Bottled Unlimited, but it's something a little different. 

The fragrance is captured in a sleek black signature BOSS Bottled bottle with a gold top. It looks so luxurious and stylish and is definitely one for the collectors! 

BOSS Bottled Oud is available nationwide including House of Fraser, Selfridges and Boots, and is priced at £56 for 50ml or £76 for 100ml. 

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  1. My brother loves Boss Bottled so I'll definitely suggest this one to him =D


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