Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Paints

Barry M launched a new and exciting Nail Paint range this week called 'Sunset Daylight Curing' which is full of Summer-perfect colours and offers a gel-like finish to your nails without a lamp. It simply requires natural light. Gel finish nails have always been a popular trend so I can imagine these being immensely popular. Basically if you're a fan of the Gelly range, you'll love these too as these offer an even glossier, light-reflecting finish and your nails just feel amazing.

The collection consists of 7 beautiful shades and a Daylight Curing Top Coat. Below, I have tried out two shades: Drive Me Navy and Peach For The Stars (I love Barry M's super cool shade names!)

The new bigger and flatter brushes for the Speedy Nail Paints were very popular amongst its customers (including me) and Barry M have listened to this feedback by using the same brush in the new Sunset Nail Paints. Personally, I find the new brushes very clever and a lot easier to use than the previous ones; they allow the whole nail to be painted without streaks in one stroke, and it seems that the brush controls the level of paint flowing to the tip of it. 

For the gel-like finish, you need to use the Daylight Curing Top Coat over the colour when dry. You don't have to apply the Top Coat if you don't want to but the finish won't be as shiny and glossy. After using the Top Coat, my nails definitely looked and felt like gel nails and I loved the smooth, shiny feel to them. What impressed me the most was how quickly my nails dried. However- the Top Coat only works with the Nail Paints from the Sunset range. Here are the shades I tried out: 

Drive Me Navy 
A beautiful deep ocean blue shade that's perfect if you're not a big fans of brights and pastels but 
want to go for a shade that's still Summer-appropriate. Drive Me Navy reminds me of 
beach towels and deck chairs. Also, I felt as if I didn't need a second coat with this shade. 

Peach For The Stars 
Peach For The Stars is a colour-popping coral pink shade that reminds me of sweet treats like 
cool sorbets that we all love to indulge in during the Summer. It's more of a bold 
shade rather than a soft pastel shade.

The Sunset Nail Paints are priced at £4.99 each and are available to purchase from Superdrug where you can currently get them at 3 for 2. 


  1. OMG Peach for the Stars looks AMAZING!!

  2. I haven't spotted these yet but these shades look gorgeous. Great photos too. xo

  3. Anonymous10:49

    These colours look stunning!! x

  4. Gorgeous photos hun. These are lovely but they're supposed to last for days & mine chipped/peeled off the next day! :(


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