Britney Spears | Rocker Femme Fantasy Fragrance

Britney fans will be pleased to hear that Britney has launched her new fragrance, Rocker Femme Fantasy! Britney fragrances still excite me as much as they did when I was a teenager. Midnight Fantasy was a massive favourite of mine (and still is!), but I also loved Fantasy, Circus Fantasy, and Curious. 

The new fragrance is captured in a 'Fantasy' bottle in the form of a gorgeous studded pink sphere with a black ombre effect and studs. The design of the packaging box is so cool as well- I love the smokey effect over the bright pink, and it definitely matches up to the fragrance's name. 

Top Notes: Blackcurrant Sorbet, Blackberry Liquor 
Heart Notes: Velvet Gardenia, Sensual Jasmine, Dark Creamy Violet 
Base Notes: Golden Amber, Cashmere Woods, Vanilla Musk

Rocker Femme Fantasy is similar to the original Fantasy, but with deeper tones and a more 'vanillary' base. This scent is also much more bold, seductive, and aims to reveal inner fan's 'rock stars'.

Personally, I think the difference between the two fragrances is in the base of the fragrance. At first I couldn't detect the Golden Amber note, but after actually wearing the fragrance I can tell it's definitely present embedded in the aroma of Cashmere Woods and Vanilla Musk. Also, I'm not sure why but I thought the scent had a Coconut note (it doesn't), but for some reason I could sense it in the base. 

Obviously the original Fantasy will always have a special place in my heart, but scent-wise- I think I actually prefer Rocker Femme! I love the deeper tones to the scent and how- at the same time- it stays true to the original Fantasy due to the notes of Jasmine and Sensual Woods. I feel that if this fragrance was out in my teenage days, it would've been a huge part in the reminiscing of it; whenever I get even a slight whiff of Fantasy, I immediately remember my life as a teenager. Fragrance is powerful like that. 

Rocker Femme Fantasy is priced at £40 for 100ml and can be purchased nationwide. 


  1. I have the original fantasy and I loveee, thanks for the post now I want to try this too ! xx

  2. I used to adore Fantasy & Midnight fantasy when I was younger - I think I may have to try this fragrance out - even just for some nostalgia!




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