An Evening With Tria Beauty

A couple of weeks ago, I attended an event held by Tria Beauty at the Icetank Studios on London's Grape Street to learn all things laser hair removal and anti-ageing.
On the expert panel were Maggie Alderson, Nadine Baggott, and Dr Zakia Rahman, and listening to their experiences and advice for laser hair removal was interesting yet so hilarious. We laughed about Nadine's 'hairy' experiences before she discovered laser hair removal, and discussed how laser hair removal is far more beneficial than IPL.

I found out quite a few facts during the fun evening; for example Tria is the only global brand that offers laser hair removal for permeant results and that IPL isn't the same as laser hair removal. According to Nadine, the work of 'lazy journalists' are to blame for causing society to believe that IPL is laser hair removal, when it actually isn't. 

Tria Precision Laser Hair Removal: Initial Thoughts
I received a press sample of the Tria Precision Hair Removal Laser and I've already started using it. My initial thoughts: yes- it is slightly more painful and intense compared to IPL (but definitely tolerable!), and I've already zapped my lower legs and upper lip. I was thrilled to find out that this product in particular fits onto your upper lip properly (with my Philips IPL machine, I found that zapping the centre of my upper lip was awkward however with the Tria, it was easy peasy).

In some areas, the zap can be a little more painful than others but trust me, you do get used to it and for some strange reason I found it quite relaxing haha! My advice would be to try it on a less-sensitive area first like your arm, rather than your bikini line so you can get an idea of what it feels like, and so you can become used to it.

I'm zapping the areas I've already treated again this week, and so I will posting an update on my laser hair removal experience soon! 



  1. Anonymous11:45

    Thanks so much for this post. I did not know that ipl was different to the laser! You're right- it's the lazy journalists!!!

  2. Anonymous10:26

    Great write up Susmi! I have be using this machine for a little while now and I love it!


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