Rogue Love by Rihanna fragrance review

Rihanna has launched some of the most exotic fragrances, and now she's launched another one just in time for Valentine's Day. 

Rogue Love is a softer interpretation of the original Rogue, which I loved and surprised me as one of the only celebrity fragrances my Mum was a fan of- she's so fussy when it comes to scents! 

The notes that come through the most are peach and jasmine which is gorgeous- especially as it settles down into the sweet caramel base notes. The overall fragrance is a little sweeter than the original Rogue- the addition of the coconut makes it a more cool-toned one, so it gives you something nice to wear in the Spring/Summer. 

I love the textured white block as the bottle top, and the rose gold inverted spikes at the bottom of the glass rectangular bottle 

Sadly, the scent doesn't last as long as I'd like it to (the original Rogue had good longevity), especially  considering that her previous fragrances had exceptional lasting power. So for that reason, I prefer the original Rogue but if you like light and subtle fragrances- this one may be for you. 

Apparently, Rihanna will be launching a brand new fragrance in the Summer so I'm very excited to hear more about it! I wonder if she'll follow with the similar style of Rogue and Rogue Love or her first three fragrances. Maybe she might come up with something totally new. 

Rogue Love is currently available to purchase at The Perfume Shop at £29.50 for 75ml 

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  1. I love RiRi and me and my cousin love her fragrance- Nude =D


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