The NutriBullet | Why It's Amazing

The NutriBullet is something that most people have heard of, and almost every fitness fanatic swears by. I decided to bite the bullet (see what I've done there ;)!) and purchase the NutriBullet for myself back in January. 

This model of NutriBullet is priced at £99.99 which may seem a little pricey for a blender at first. I do love my post-gym, fruit, and breakfast smoothies so I knew that I needed a good new blender (my previous one was useless!), but I never imagined myself constantly banging on about NutriBullet and recommending it to my friends. The NutriBullet is truly special and I'm actually angry at myself that I didn't go in for the plunge earlier.

I mainly use the NutriBullet for fruit smoothies and protein shakes, and what I'm particularly impressed about is how efficiently the NutriBullet breaks down blueberries. Blueberries are my personal superfood as they energise me in the morning- so it was important to me that the NutriBullet breaks them down so the smoothies aren't lumpy with bits of skin at the bottom of the cup! 

I've used a few blenders in the past ranging from £25-£60 and none of them could smooth out the blueberries properly within a couple of minutes. The NutriBullet crushes blueberries down fully in 30 seconds! So now I'm able to add nuts and seeds into my smoothies without worrying about the texture and over-blending. This is when I realised that I certainly got my money's worth.

The NutriBullet also saves me time in the morning, especially as the product only needs a quick rinse after using it. If I don't have much time to spare, I just chuck a few bits of fruit and greens into the NutriBullet and just blast a quick smoothie together so I can have it for breakfast on the walk to the gym. The fact that you can have the freshly made smoothie on the go using the cup is brilliant too.

Along with the purchase with the NutriBullet, you get a User Guide & Recipe Book which is packed full of different recipes, and a Pocket Nutritionist- a very handy miniature book that provides such useful, specific information about ingredients and their nutritional benefits, including how you should select certain items. Here's an example page from the guide: 

Overall, NutriBullet is a very clever product. I've used mine every single day since purchasing it and It's perfect for those looking to make more healthy choices, gym bunnies, or anyone who likes a quick smoothie every now and then. It's also great for families as everyone can make use of the NutriBullet.

NutriBullet can be purchased here: 


  1. This is really good to know! I currently have a Ninja, it works pretty good, but your finished smoothies look smoother and more delicious! I've really wanted to try and make a smoothie bowl too. :) Nice post!

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  2. I've always wanted a Nutribullet and I'm excited to give it a go myself! Your smoothies look amazing too =D

  3. Oooh smoothies. Love it

  4. I would love to try this!

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  5. I really hope I one day own one of these! They look amazing!


  6. Rachel Alp19:56

    I want a NutriBullet so badly haha

  7. I seriously LOVE my NutriBullet! I got mine at the end of last year and it has SO helped me in my fitness and health journey. I make smoothie bowls all the time and post-workout shakes are a cinch. Just loving it! Check it out:
    ~ Samantha

  8. OMG your smoothies look amazing!! I really want a Nutribullet now :(


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