Mini V Nutrition by Vicky Pattison | An Introduction

Geordie Shore's Vicky Pattison had already taken the fitness industry by storm with the very successful launch of her 7 Day Slim DVD. But now she's determined to go further by launching an exciting nutritional range, called Mini V Nutrition.

The range consists of health and fitness supplements as well as protein shakes and snacks, and has proved to be incredibly popular so far. A few of the products have already sold out so it's safe to say that's Vicky's done amazingly well.

What's great about the range is that Vicky has experienced successful weight-loss herself (and now looks absolutely amazing!) so she knows exactly what women need in order to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Her knowledge is evident in the concept of Mini V products, and I've actually given some of them a try!

Mini: Burn - £24.99 (60 capsules)   
What's brilliant about Mini: Burn is that- unlike other fitness and nutritional brands- is that it's clearly explained that you don't have to swallow the capsules whole. This is amazing! In terms of size, the capsules are pretty large and there was no way I was going to even attempt to swallow them. So I mix it into my morning smoothies before the gym and it doesn't taste horrible in them- unlike my other vitamin supplements which completely change the taste of them!

The Mini: Burn capsules are designed to well, burn fat, and it's made up of fat-burning ingredients including caffeine from coffee bean extract and guarana, as well as cayenne and green tea. They aim to aid weight loss by igniting your metabolism and boosting your energy levels- thanks to the caffeine. 

I've only been taking the capsules since Thursday and I've definitely seen a rapid increase in my energy levels so I'm now able to stay at the gym for longer and I can actually do 30 minutes on the cross-trainer at level 7 non-stop and 20 minutes of cycling. Mini: Burn has allowed me to get the most out of my workouts, which is brilliant for me as I train almost every morning at the gym.

A word of advice though- don't consume the Mini: Burn capsules too late in the day (preferably not after 4pm) as they're high in caffeine so they'll keep you up all night! I'm saying this from experience and I'm not even caffeine sensitive. 

Mini: Bar - £1.99 each

I'm constantly trying out new protein bars that just taste rubbish and claim to fill you up, but don't. Mini: Bar is a snack bar with 6.3g of protein and is loaded with yummy orange chocolate chips and almonds. It tastes a little bland at first- I have to admit- but the chocolate flavour does kick in soon! I had one the other day after hitting the gym and I didn't feel the need to eat for a good couple of hours. Mini: Bar is like a hybrid between Terry's Chocolate Orange and a brownie but without the sugar! 

I also really like how useful the nutritional info is; not only does it tell you the calorie, carbohydrate, protein, sugar and fat content, but it also gives you the Glyaemic Index (GI) level. So many women out there do Low GI (including me) so it's brilliant. 

I definitely recommend this if you want to curb on snacking and are looking for ways to incorporate more protein into your diet. 

Mini: Shake - £2.99 each
When I interviewed Vicky last week, she told me that she created Mini V Nutrition in order to make women's lives easier as she understands how hectic everything can get and that convenience is important. This vision couldn't be any clearer when you look at the concept of Mini: Shake- it's fantastic! It's Diet Whey Isolate shake in a bottle that you just add water or milk to. Each bottle has 27.9g of protein and the concept is so convenient for women on the go and can be kept in gym bags and even hand bags.

I filled up the Mini: Shake bottle with unsweetened almond milk this morning and it tasted great. The product is priced at £2.99 each which is a little pricey, but you can also buy a 12-pack for £29.99 or the massive Mini: Whey tub for £44.95.

I'll be posting an update on my further experiences with the Mini: Burn soon, and have also interviewed Vicky herself about Mini V and her fitness regime, so keep an eye out for that! :) 

Mini V Nutrition products are available now 
to purchase HERE! 


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