Cheryl Storm Flower and Storm Flower EDT fragrances

Cheryl fans will be pleased to hear that she will be launching her second fragrance soon, called 'Storm Flower EDT.
I've been a huge fan of Cheryl ever since my primary school days when she was in Girls Aloud, so she's been quite an influence on my life as I became a teenager. Cheryl teased us about whether she'd launch a fragrance, and when she finally announced last year that she was- it was the start of a hugely successful venture. Storm Flower exceeded its pre-orders last Summer and was one of the most popular fragrances for Christmas 2014. My little sister owns lots of celebrity fragrances by Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry... But she wanted Cheryl's.

It would be silly for Cheryl to not launch another fragrance, so- much to the excitement of her loyal fans- next week sees the launch of her second fragrance Storm Flower EDT, a refreshing interpretation of the original Storm Flower.

Storm Flower and Storm Flower EDT are actually different to each other in terms of scent. This is great as Cheryl's young fans won't have to spend money on a fragrance that's very similar to one that they probably already have. I spent the past couple of days trying out and comparing the two fragrances (I wore Storm Flower on Monday and Storm Flower EDT on Tuesday), so here are my thoughts.
Cheryl's fragrance PR team very kindly sent me a gift bag full of Storm Flower goodies! :) 

Storm Flower 

Top Notes: Mandarin, Nectarine
Heart Notes: Freesia, Peach Blossom,
Base Notes: Vanilla, White Musk and Sandalwood
Storm Flower is a fruity floral fragrance that embodies youth and femininity. Although it starts off as a little 'boozy', it's a lovely fragrance, and the notes of Peach Blossom and White Musk are the most dominant throughout its journey. The peach note is gorgeous and to me- is the note that carries the fragrance well and sweetens it a little. 

Apparently the fragrance is supposed to represent the fresh feeling after a storm and this is evident through the clean aspect of the fragrance. 
The sensual dry down is warm and creamy, and lingers on the skin for an impressively long time due to the fragrance's longevity. Overall, it's a very pleasant fragrance and it's very different to many other fragrances on offer for the young/teenage market so it makes a lovely change. 

The bottle is a beautiful golden rose sprouting out from a clear/gold ombre glass bottle in the shape of a bulb, which I think looks very elegant and unique. I also love how the box is a mini display unit too, so her younger fans can proudly display the fragrance like a trophy and show off to their friends.

Storm Flower EDT 

Top Notes: Lemon, Bergamot 
Heart Notes: Rose, Peony, Sensual Jasmine 
Base Notes: Sandalwood, White Musk, Vanilla 
When a fragrance launches an EDT version, it's more likely to be livened up with fresher notes. Whilst Storm Flower is a fruity floral fragrance, Storm Flower EDT is a fresh citrus floral. Cheryl's been clever with this one. Not only is it different to the original Storm Flower, but it's a lot lighter, making it appropriate for her younger fans in particular by allowing them to wear the fragrance at school. But it's also a fragrance that her older fans can enjoy too. 
The top notes of Lemon and Bergamot linger around for much longer than the original Storm Flower, so it's good news if you like fresh, citrus-y fragrances. Bergamot is a vibrant orange note that is commonly known as the mood-uplifter, and Storm Flower EDT is exactly that. The scent refreshes the body and mind, and this is what I love about the fragrance. It's more cool-toned compared to the original Storm Flower. 

As the fragrance develops, the Jasmine note comes through beautifully and then settles down into a lovely creamy dry down that is similar to the original Storm Flower. 
This is also one of very few EDT fragrances that leave a gorgeous subtle scent lingering on the skin for more than just a couple of hours; the freshness remains for the majority of the day. An EDT is also perfect for the Summer as it's lighter so it's less likely to work with the heat to give you a headache.

The fragrance is encapsulated in the same 'Storm Flower' bottle but in white and gold, whispering elegance.

Also- £100,000 of Storm Flower EDT sales will be donated to Cheryl's Trust, which is in partnership with The Prince's Trust to help young people "realise their potential and get their lives back on track". I think this is lovely and makes the fragrance, oh so sweeter :) 

The new Storm Flower EDT by Cheryl launches on March 1st nationwide (£27 for 50ml) 


  1. Anonymous14:33

    i cant wait to buy the new StormFlowerEDT, i love the original so much so i am excited for this new one :)

  2. Ooh I never knew Cheryl had her own fragrance!

  3. Anonymous16:55

    I wish StormFlower EDT was available in the US. The fragrance notes sound really nice. Her perfumes are only available in the UK! :(


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