L'Oreal Miss Manga Punky mascara review

It was imperative for me to get my hands on the latest Miss Manga Punky mascara by L'Oreal Paris, particularly after seeing the advertising for it. 

When I saw bold clumpy lashes, I kind of thought "Isn't this a step-backwards in the beauty industry?!". I mean, us girls have been trying to avoid clumped up lashes for years- why on earth would we want to purchase something that supposedly offers this, but in exaggerated form? 

However after trying out the product, I've come to the interesting conclusion that it's actually not that bad, and the advertising images are an exaggeration of what the product can do. 

Miss Manga Punky volumises the lashes very well whilst lengthening them, and the brush is great at fanning them out to make the eyes appear more bold and wide open. 

I have to admit that the mascara brush itself looked a little weird to me as I was adamant that the bristles weren't long enough to coat the lashes, especially the corner ones. Thankfully, the mascara coated the lashes easily although the corners proved a little awkward at first. It allows the lashes to appear thicker but not too clumpy so there's nothing to fear, really. 

My only advice would be to only apply one coat of this mascara as two coats makes the lashes feel slightly heavy which can be irritating at times. 

The mascara is currently on an introductory offer for £5.99 at Boots and then it will be priced at £8.99 from 21st January. 


  1. Anonymous19:41

    This looks like a really fab mascara. Great post x

  2. The wand style reminds me of the Grandiose mascara by Lancome!:) x


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