DKNY Delicious Delights: Dreamsicle

I'm a huge fan of DKNY fragrances, and I always get excited when they launch their annual limited edition 'Delicious' fragrance collections. For 2015, DKNY are launching a 'Delicious Delights' collection in March, consisting of three fragrances 'Fruity Rooty', 'Dreamsicle', and Cool Swirl. I recently got my hands on a press sample of Dreamsicle, and I LOVE it!

The fragrance is clearly inspired by sweet treats- ice cream and sorbet in particular, and I just can't get my head around how amazing it smells. Dreamsicle is a luscious and fruity fragrance that's alluringly exotic and is obviously aimed at younger DKNY fragrance fans and I can imagine it being immensely popular when it launches. 

The fragrance smells absolutely amazing from start to finish and is packed full of fruity notes; top notes include Mandarin, Raspberry, and Blackcurrant, with heart notes of Green Apple, Peach Nectar, and Apricot Sorbet, along with cedar wood, sandalwood and vanilla base notes finishing off as a lovely sensual yet fruity scent, making it an overall fun fragrance. Dreamsicle reminds me of mango frozen yoghurt with raspberries (my favourite sweet treat!) and if you love a fruity, feminine scent that's not heavy, you'll most probably like this one. 

As soon as I spritzed Dreamsicle on the back of my hand, I instantly fell in love with it. The initial burst of fruitiness immediately refreshed my senses and made me crave the sweet summer that is to come. The medley of raspberry and peach during the fragrance's journey is heaven, and the slightly woody dry down is gorgeous and doesn't rapidly change the fruitiness of the fragrance. 

I've had experiences when I try a fragrance in-store on the back of my my hand and then buy it, only to go home and realise that the fragrance lingering my hand has developed into something completely different from what I first liked about the scent. The fruitiness and sweetness of Dreamsicle is constant throughout, which is brilliant. 

I love how the bottle design stays true to the famous DKNY 'Apple' along with the sticker (even though the colour theme of Dreamsicle makes it look like a peach!). I still admittedly keep my special   'collected' bottles of favourite previous DKNY fragrances- including ones from 2011! Can you tell that I'm a true DKNY fan?! 

DKNY's Delicious Delights collection launches in March and will be available to purchase from The Perfume Shop! 


  1. Wow sounds yum!! Loving your DKNY collection too :)

  2. I love DNKY perfumes . They smell so fruity and sweet I use the green apple one everyday . Lovely post .xx

  3. Love the sound of this one!

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