Luster Premium White | Pro Light Teeth Whitening System review

Having pearly white teeth is arguably the epitome of beauty, and can be incredibly expensive to achieve. The teeth whitening industry is constantly flooded with products that claim to leave you with a 'hollywood smile', and its worth has rocketed over recent years. 

I've tried so many teeth whitening products for years now. You name it- whitening toothpastes, whitening drops, gels, sprays, trays, the lot! But none of them really made a difference to me so many of my purchases were a waste of my time and money. So I was actually surprised to find out that Luster's Pro Light Teeth Whitening System actually worked. And priced at £49.99, it's better than buying lots of different whitening products to test out. Boots actually have it on offer at the moment for £37.49 which is great!

The system includes a 10ml bottle of Whitening Solution (step 1), a 10ml bottle of Activator Whitening Gel (Step 2), and a Dual Action Whitening Light (Step 3).

Now, there are a few options of how and when to use the system, depending on how busy your lifestyle is. For example, I went with the 'Weekend Schedule' option where I could use the kit for 10 treatments a day for 2 days. I personally think this is the best option to go for as the treatment is over and done with, but you do need to set aside some time over the weekend for it.

For the treatment, you need to pre-treat your teeth using the Whitening Solution. Step 2 is to brush each tooth with the Activator Whitening Gel, and then you need to hold the Dual-Action Whitening Light over your teeth for 2 minutes. Then, repeat these steps as necessary depending on the treatment time option you go for.

My teeth are sensitive and this was my main concern before I started using the kit as I thought the light would make my teeth feel uncomfortable. But this wasn't the case at all and I didn't feel anything. The only uncomfortable bit was that I had to keep my mouth open for two minutes at a time, but I was okay with this.

Obiviously, I haven't got my dream Hollywood smile yet but I've noticed that my teeth are 2 shades whiter. I've also been using a whitening toothpaste by Arm and Hammer too so I think that helped too. I've actually finished the kit and I'll definitely be purchasing another one before Christmas so I can see if my teeth become any more whiter over the Christmas holidays.

I think the kit makes a great Christmas present for anyone- who doesn't want whiter teeth? 

The Luster Premium White Pro Light Teeth Whitening System kit is priced at £49.99 and can be purchased from Boots 

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  1. Looks intriguing. I have sensitive teeth and every whitening product irritates me so this might be worth the money x


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