Festive Favourites | 'Blake's Pure Red' by L'Oreal Paris

It takes a lot for a lipstick to impress me and I can safely say that L'Oreal Paris have amazed me with their new Exclusive Reds Lipstick collection. In my absolute honest opinion, these lipsticks are the best I have ever tried, and they put a lot of premium branded, overpriced lipsticks to shame. In this post, I'll be talking about Blake's Pure Red shade, which is one of my ultimate favourites for the festive season.


Blake's Shade: 

Blake Lively is one of the most stunning women and she's my woman crush, so it was imperative for me to get my hands on her shade. At first, Blake's shade proved impossible for me to get hold of- I tried Oxford Street, Westfield, and Brent Cross. But I managed to find it in my local Boots store in Crouch End.  

Prior to trying Blake's shade, I was fearful of wearing a red lip in public but this shade looks amazing when worn, so for the first time in years- I wore red lipstick and actually walked out the front door! It's a fantastic blue-toned deep red lipstick that's perfect for the festive season; at Christmas, you can't fail with a little red colour.

As I swatched the lipstick in-store I found that the lipstick is creamy in texture and offers a matte finish- this worried me at first as I swatched it on the back of my hand, primarily because some matte lipsticks can make your lips look drier than they actually are. However, when I applied the lipstick on my lip, this actually wasn't the case at all. Instead, the lipstick was creamy, smoothed nicely across the lip, and was hydrating. Plus, the lipstick itself was rose-scented so it smells divine! 

The best thing I love about this lipstick- apart from the gorgeous ruby red shade- is that it conceals any cracks or lines in the lips and gives them a smooth look. 

At £6.99 a pop, this is an absolute bargain and they make great stocking fillers! Plus, at the moment- if you spend £15 or over at Boots, you get a free L'Oreal Paris Christmas box with festive products altogether worth around £30! It's an absolute bargain!


  1. wat een mooie kleur

  2. You look stunning! That's such a beautiful shade and it really suits you xx

  3. I’ve tried looking everywhere for these! I’m after Blake and Liya but can only find Eva :( You shouldn’t be scared of red as it really suits you :)

  4. I'm usually a Dior girl but this looks great. I love Blake lively. Might have to check it out next time I'm in town xo

  5. I had no clue a Blake Lively color came out!! I tried this collection out when L'oreal came out with their privee collection and I totally agree with you they do "put a lot of premium branded, overpriced lipsticks to shame." I have the Eva's Nude and I wore that lipstick down to the bottom! I think this red does you justice it looks great on you!

  6. I have Evas Nude and I love this colour to! wow :)

  7. I love these lipsticks! So glad you like them :)

    X Emma |


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