An Investment In Your Skin's Future: Elizabeth Arden's Flawless Future Serum

Anti-ageing is something that terrifies millions of women. Saying goodbye to plump, clear skin and saying a disappointing hello to wrinkles, sagging skin, and age spots is understandably difficult.

As a woman in her early 20s, I admit that I felt as if my skin was invincible and that it'd be a long time until I found my first wrinkle and I used to brag at university that I never really used facial skincare products. It was only a year ago that I started using anti-ageing products as I realised that I needed all the help I can get to prevent the early signs of ageing- which can begin in a woman's early 20s. 

Fun fact: Did you know that French women tend to start using anti-ageing products as early 
as the age of 15! Whilst statistics show that British women only tend to start worrying about 
wrinkles at the age of 24.

As a beauty blogger, I'm always researching the latest products and get loads of press-releases sent into my inbox daily so I had an idea of which anti-ageing products to start with- so I consider myself lucky. My friends have made light fun of me telling me that I don't need to use anti-ageing products because I'm still in my 20s, and so many women don't actually know which products they should use  in particular to prevent the early signs of anti-ageing and when to start using them. 

This can be problematic because I've noticed that the UK skincare market isn't very clear at the moment when it comes to the age target market of certain anti-ageing products. I knew a former intern-fellow who was 23 at the time- and used a collagen restorer cream and complaining to me that she never saw any results. 

That's why the Flawless Future range by Elizabeth Arden is genius! The range is specifically targeted at women in their 20s, and gives them a good idea of how to start an anti-ageing skincare regime, and with what products.

You might be thinking '£48 is a bit too much for someone who doesn't have a single wrinkle on their face to spend on a serum', but the idea is to prevent the signs of anti-ageing. I've always said that prevention is always easier than getting rid of something. Your healthy skin will thank you in a few years time due to your investment in both time and money into your anti-ageing skincare routine. 

Elizabeth Arden's Flawless Future Serum

I've actually stopped using the anti-ageing products I was using before and replaced them with Elizabeth Arden's Flawless Future Serum, which is an absolutely amazing product! I've never used or loved a skincare product to the extent where I can see myself using it for years and years to come.

The overall concept of the Flawless Future Serum is interesting; the bottle consists of a gel-like consistency product with mini-bead caplets and when dispensed, a freshly activated serum is released  from the caplets along with the gel.

Although I haven't seen any results with regards to anti-ageing (obviously- as I've only been using it for a couple of weeks) but I love how the serum glides across the skin and absorbs into it super fast, leaving the skin feeling incredibly refreshed and smooth. I've also noticed that a little goes a very long way- one small pump of the stuff can glide across your whole forehead, so I can imagine the bottle lasting for some time.

The serum claims to prevent the signs of ageing including dullness, fine lines, uneven skin tone, and enlarged pores. So I'm looking forward to seeing results and writing up an update in a few months time.

Have you tried any of the products from the Flawless Future range? What are your thoughts on women using anti-ageing products in their early 20s? 


  1. Thanks for the recommendation! I'm 21 and really want to start using anti aging products xoxox

  2. Great post. I'll definitely be looking into this x

  3. Anonymous21:29

    Hey hun, did this feel sticky at all?

  4. Looks intriguing. I'm 23 and I've only just started an anti-ageing skincare routine. I definitely need this though

  5. I received one sample of this product and i'm loving how it feels on my skin so far!


  6. Hope you don't mind an input from a woman more than twice your age - the best anti ageing routine is great food, sleep and deep breathing. There are facial exercises you can do. Face Yoga. Eat well (fruit and veg), sleep well and breathe deeply. Best anti-ageing skincare routine I have found so far IMHO :)


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