Rimmel Wonderfull Mascara review

Wonderfull is a new mascara from Rimmel London that has really impressed me recently, and guess what? It has Argan oil in it. Wow argan's everywhere now! The last place I'd imagine the stuff in was a mascara, but Rimmel has only gone and done it. I don't actually own that many mascaras- but I had to get this one when I saw that Argan was a key ingredient.  


The brush is incredible and is shaped perfectly to carefully comb through every lash individually and it doesn't clump up at all so lashes are nice and separate. It also coats the lashes from root to tip without any awkwardness or pokes in the eye. The mascara has lengthened and volumised my eyelashes, and I'm loving this! 

I think what the Argan does in this mascara, is that it keeps the lashes soft and well conditioned after you remove it. It also feels very lightweight when wearing it; I've previously tried mascaras where my lashes have felt heavy when I blink. It's a bargain at £7.99 and I'm so amazed at the benefits of it! To me, it's worth every penny- and if you're on the lookout for a new mascara, I strongly suggest Wonderfull. 

Rimmel's Wonderfull mascara is priced at £7.99 and can be purchased from Boots and Superdrug. 


  1. Your lashes look AMAZING!!

  2. Thanks for reviewing this Susmi =) I love argan oil but I never knew a mascara with it existed. It looks great on you and your eyelashes look gorge xox

  3. Anonymous22:21

    I havent heard of this one but will check it out when i'm next in town yay

  4. I use Rimmel mascara and it really is amazing. The brushes really do lift and extend lashes and they are not left looking stuck together or clumpy. This one one with Argan oil is great because Argan oil is so good for so many things.

  5. That mascara looks amazing !

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  6. That mascara looks absolutely wonderful on your eyelashes!


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