Lee Stafford DeTangling Spray review

After washing my hair, it can become ridiculously tangled, thus being a nightmare to deal with. In comes Lee Stafford's DeTangling Spray, a lightweight spray that helps to moisturise the hair and allow the brush to gently work through any tangles. 

I've never tried a hair detangling spray before so I  didn't really have a set level of expectations, but I feel that the product has worked well for me. I use the spray every time I wash my hair just before I blow dry it. It has a nice smell to it, and definitely keeps my hair feeling a lot more soft, which has always been something I've struggled with as I have fine hair that's not as thick as it used to be. 

The spray is a real hero for me, as I've noticed that constantly rough-brushing my hair to get rid of tangles makes it very brittle- particularly the ends. After two weeks of using the spray, I've realised that the ends of my hair are a lot smoother. 

The spray is very lightweight and does not make the hair feel greasy or sticky, not a quality you want when you've just washed your hair. Lee Stafford's very good at bringing out products that are lightweight- it's almost as if other hair styling brands aren't aware of the fact that consumers don't want to use a product that adds stickiness to their hair. 

Lee Stafford's DeTangling Spray is priced at £6.99 and can be purchased from Boots. 


  1. Sounds like a good product - you definitely don't want greasy or sticky hair when using hair products! :)
    Alex //

  2. Sounds great, I feel like Lee Stafford products are really underated I had a hair mask from the brand that always left my hair looking lovely. Certainly going to give this a try, I seem to have the worlds tanglest hair at the mo :( xx


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