Harajuku Lovers Pop Electric collection: Love fragrance review

I remember when I was given birthday money by my grandparents when I was 16 and I was adamant on the idea of using it to purchase my very own fragrance. So there I was in Debenhams Oxford Street roaming around the fragrance section when I came across a collection of small, quirky designed fragrances- Harajuku Lovers. I bought one and absolutely loved it and I kept it on my bedside table. 

Harajuku Lovers is a line of fragrances by multi-platinum singer, songwriter, and fashion entrepreneur Gwen Stefani, and she has recently launched a new limited edition collection of the Harajuku Lovers called 'Pop Electric' which consists of 5 different fragrances varying from a range of scents. The new collection makes great Christmas gifts. 

Harajuku Lovers: LOVE fragrance
The Love fragrance is a fruity floral fragrance that's feminine and sweet. Fragrance notes include: juicy apple, dewy pear, jasmine, cashmere woods, whilst creamy musks make up the base notes. You can definitely smell the pear and jasmine as soon as the fragrance is sprayed, and the notes of cashmere are so lovely and add warmth to it. Overall, it's quite an addictive fragrance that's not too heavy and sickly- it's just right, making it perfect for someone who loves subtle fruity floral fragrances or as a teenager's first fragrance. 

Harajuku Lovers: LOVE 

The bottles are vibrantly designed to go with the whole 'pop art' theme, and they are supposed to look like they've been dipped in molten chrome! I love the bright electric pink colour in contrast to the crisp white of the 'Love' bottle and to me, it looks more like a modern piece of art rather than a fragrance. 

They make great Christmas gifts for anyone who loves a girly fragrance, and I think the bottle would look great on a teenager's dressing table. They look like mini trophies which I think is pretty cool! 
Harajuku Lovers Pop Electric Collection

Harajuku Lovers is priced at £24.50 for 30ml and £34.50 for 50ml, and is exclusive to The Perfume Shop


  1. absolutely love the new packaging for these! Love the harajuku fragrances x

  2. Anonymous00:30

    Hello im a french girl and i love these fragrances !! I search them ... No success ... Maybe you can help me!! I believe we can find harajuku fragrances in hsn website .really ?? Do you know other possibilities ??
    Thank you for my research ^^


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